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Medication Reminders

Never forget another pill. RememberItNow! is a medication reminder service that sends email or text messages to your cell phone to help you remember medications and appointments. Free 30-day trial.

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Medication Reminders

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  1. Medication Reminders Never miss another pill. Free 30-day Trial

  2. Free Trial The U.S. is a Medicated Society At all ages, we take more pills. • 81% of adults in the U.S. take at least one medication during the week; 27% take a least five. • The average elderly person takes 4-6 prescriptions a day. • Approximately 6% (13 million) of school age children receive required prescriptions.

  3. Free Trial Noncompliance is Rampant Nearly 50% of the time medications are not taken as prescribed. 64% 36 35 33 31 28 25 20 20 19 16 15 Failed to Take Rx Drugs I forgot to take them I had no symptoms or the symptoms went away I wanted to save money I didn’t believe the drugs were effective I didn’t think I needed to take them I had painful or frightening side effects The drugs prevented me from doing other things I wanted to do Nobody reminded me to keep taking, or to refill prescription I had difficulty getting the prescription filled The drugs tasted or smelled unpleasant I had difficult opening the bottle or swallowing the drug I was confused by all the drugs I had to take

  4. Free Trial Noncompliance is Very Costly Annual U.S. costs due to incorrect use of medications. $177.4 billion Prescriptions ($3.5 billion) Physician Visits ($13.8 billion) Nursing Home Admissions ($32.8 billion) ER Visits ($5.8 billion) Hospital Admissions ($121.5 billion)

  5. Free Trial Who Needs It? RememberItNow! fits a variety of patients. • Patients that take multiple medications • Complex medication schedules – chemo, AIDS/HIV • Diabetics – blood glucose checks and insulin • Brain injury – daily task reminders • Attention deficit disorder – remember what matters • Children – medications and appointments • Dementia – daily living and medication reminders • Stroke – memory problems • Normal aging – medications, activities, meals • Organ transplants – rejection medication • Spinal cord injuries – weight shift alerts • After surgery – home care instructions

  6. Free Trial Medication Management Features • Text or email reminders • Manage medication schedules • Reminders: medication, time, dosage, special notes • Time zone travel adjustments • Track medication history • Monitor compliance • Refill reminders

  7. Free Trial Smart scheduling • Add medications and events • View calendar, week, list • Print daily, weekly or monthly schedule • See at a glance if reminders are set • Pop-up window with large fields make data entry easier • Receive reminders for medications & appointments • Schedule home care assistants • Appointment advance notice

  8. Free Trial More than Reminders • Personal health record • 20+ pre-built reports • Share care within a private care community • Track blood pressure, blood glucose, weight • Keep a health journal • Manage all contacts and websites

  9. Free Trial RememberItNow!Demo

  10. From the dashboard see when messages were sent. Review your list of current medications.

  11. Adjust time zones when you travel so you stick to your schedule. Send reminders to your email or text message to your cell phone.

  12. It’s very easy to add or modify any type of medication. “Show reminders” to see how they will appear when sent. Add special instructions to help find/recognize meds, or take them correctly. Track prescription information. Send a reminder to refill so that you never run out.

  13. Easily track all your medications, dosage, and history. Look for the bell to see if reminders are on or off.

  14. View your medication schedule along with your events. Print medication reports or share with healthcare providers.

  15. Print medication reports or share with healthcare providers.

  16. Free Trial WhyRememberItNow

  17. Free Trial Caregiver Peace of Mind

  18. Free Trial Patient Improve Health

  19. Healthcare Provider Give Better Care

  20. Free Trial Insurer Lower Claims Cost

  21. Learn more www.rememberitnow.com Free 30-day Trial

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