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  1. Transformers By Dexter Wilkey Hayleigh,and Donovan

  2. It was a sunny afternoon in the beautiful city of las angeles, but all was not well for the decepticon bakertron was wreaking havoc in the streets.

  3. Using the potential energy gained from drawing back his fist the evil robot was able to convert it into kinetic energy and punch an attacking F-22 fighter jet, but wrong choice this was no ordinary jet it was optimus-dthe autobot leader. He was forced out of his normal form and flung into bakertron

  4. Hayliegh tron saw this exchange of unpleasantries and and turned out of her normal lotust form and used mechanical energy to push herself to her feet. The next thing bakertron knew he felt two blasts of thermal energy in the form of fireballs coming out of hayliegh trons arm

  5. During this time optimus D was able to get free of his sinister grip. And fire 3 missiles at bakertrons face. Allowing voltz to tackle him to the ground.

  6. Bakertron took most of the impact. His back slamming into a nuclear energy power plant. A green gas started pouring from a group of smashed oil drums that read “caution”.

  7. The radiant energy melted his battery case just enough so that voltz could use his saw, powered by electric energy to cut out the battery. The threat was dealt for good.

  8. Now the only problem would be the harmful chemical energy floating around the streets although the law of conservation of energy would prevent any cleanup.