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  1. Transformers Transformers are known to be living mechanical machines from an unknown planet Cybertron, Who human beings didn’t know about until they came to earth. The transformers were made by a gigantic powerful cube that can turn anything electrical into transformers. The commander of the Autobotsis Optimus Prime who was a data clark in the Cybertron library before he became Optimus prime to lead the the autobots to save the earth from the evil, chaotic Decepticon lead by the fearless Megatron. Megatron had the lord of chaos Unicron who was known as a planet transformer & his blood was known to be dark energon which can bring tranformers back from the dead & become zombie transformer. Megatron was obsessed with dark energon & wanted to control a large army of the undead transformers & take over the universe & that’s were the Autobots come in, to try & stop Megatron from take over the universe for good. (1)

  2. Autobots – Optimus Prime Optimus prime who was once a data clarkin the Cybertron library named O’rionPax before taking the position of the last prime by the Cybertron court to become Optimus Prime & to lead the universe into peace with his fellow Autobots. Megatron wasn’t always a bad guy until he didn’t get the position to become the last prime who Optimus Prime became. Optimus prime wanted freedom for all sentient beings who cared about his fellow Autobots & the earth & wanted peace for the universe. Optimus Prime always says Megatron is his brother & could never just defeat him & get rid of him for good straight away. Optimus Prime became a truck with flames on the sides & fights with his path blasters & his swords hidden in his arms & was with hold with great strength. (2)

  3. Decepticon - Megatron Megatron the leader of the Decepticons & obsessed with dark energon & wanting to take over the universe for good. Who bows to his master the chaos lord. The fearless megatron hates the commander of the AutobotsOptimus prime only because he became the last prime & Megatron wanted that position. (3)

  4. Autobots (1) Bumblebee – The autobot scout also guardian of Sam Witwicky in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Transformers films. He was also the first to arrive on earth & await for the other autobots to arrive. Bumblebee had his voice box destroyed by Megatron in a battle on Cybertron & can only communicate by his car radio which all transformers & human beings can understand. Rachet – The Autobot mechanic who thought in Cybertron battles before any of his fellow Autobots & always talks about the history of his era. Rachet always tries top fix Bumble bee’s voice box as he can only communicate by his car radio. Ironhide – The weapons specialist's who like to show off his weapons to his fellow Autobots & his fellow human beings. He knows the best weapons to use in any battle’s he’s in, He sadly get’s killed in an unknown traiter accident who is Sentienal Prime who was the leader of the Auto bots before Optimus prime. Ironhide thought in battles & always goes out with a boom. (2) (3)

  5. Decepticons (1) Starscream – Starscream who likes to be 2nd in command & want’s to take Megatron’s place & lead the Decepticon’s in his way. Starscream wants to steal all of Megatron’s dark energon & thinks himself stronger & a better leader than Megatron. Blackout – The decepticon likes to make destruction were ever he goes & likes to take orders & make his master proud known as Megatron. Blackout is a Helicopter transformer. (2)