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5 Fun Phonics For Your Preschooler PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Fun Phonics For Your Preschooler

5 Fun Phonics For Your Preschooler

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5 Fun Phonics For Your Preschooler

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  1. Blog: Petite School House 5 Fun Phonics For Your Preschooler Learning to read is like cracking a code! It takes effort to help the little kiddies learn new words and sounds. Several preschools, learning schools, centres, academies, and early education centres in Northridge are equipped with the best faculty and teachers. However, even the best run out of ideas & activities to teach phonics to children. Below are a few gathered games and activities that you can prepare for your preschooler. 1. The Alphabet Ball This game is best played in the gym or any outdoor area of your academy. This keeps the kid moving, grooving, and engaged while learning. In this game, the adult calls out a letter, and the child responds with a word that begins with that letter. If the answer is correct, the adult throws the ball to the kid. Then, the adult responds with another word that starts with that letter, and the child throws the ball back. Like this, the game goes on and on. Instead of throwing the ball, one can also kick it. 2. The Mystery Bag

  2. Blog: Petite School House This one is every kids’ favorite. You’ll place objects within a bag like a ball, bug, button, and so on. This game also helps use the child’s sense of touch to identify the objects. The child can describe how it feels and name it. This can be adapted to review vocabulary. 3. Kaboom Alphabet This one requires a bit of prep with jumbo craft sticks and a cup. Write a letter on the alphabet on each stick and 4-5 that says “KABOOM.” Each player will pull a stick out of the cup and say the sound of the letter written on the stick they draw. The kid will get to keep the stick if they pronounce it correctly. If the kid pulls a stick in which ‘KAMBOO’ is written, they must give all the sticks back. The one with the most sticks at the end wins! 4. Say Two Words This simple game is for preschoolers and requires zero material. Plus, it enables the kiddos to stretch their legs and use some of their energy. When you say two words that begin with the same sound, the kid should stand up as fast as possible but stay seated if the words do not start with the same sound. While doing this activity, if you have more than one kid, you can keep the elimination system. This way, you can have one clear winner at the end. 5. Spy the Phonic This one is a boredom buster. You will need to fill a large juice bottle with lots of small items that start with various letters. For the remaining space in the jar, you can use rice or sand. Keep an alphabet deck at the ready. Now the preschooler will pick the letter from the deck. After that, they will hunt for the item that starts with the corresponding letter. If you love helping your little ones develop their minds and make the learning process fun, be sure to try these out! To learn more about early learning education, visit us or call (818) 708-8766.