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  1. Linear & Nonlinear Film Editing

  2. Linear Editing • Footage can only be accessed or • played in the sequence recorded. • Tape is linear. • It has to be spooled • for access to any material. • Pictures can only be played in the order • they are recorded.

  3. Nonlinear Editing Film is digitized into a computer and manipulated with software programs that provide instant access to any shot. Clips and frames can be randomly accessed and moved quickly into any order.

  4. Film Editing in 1959 With linear editing, organizing footage is challenging; keeping up with original film reels, cut strips, and dailies make it easy to misplace film.

  5. Nonlinear editing makes organization simple. Clips are stored in digital file folders and the original videotape remains complete. Sony's complete high-definition NLE (non-linear editing) system

  6. George Lucas endorses Sony HD Editing System in 2001 "I will probably never, ever shoot another film ... on film," Lucas said. "I've been editing digitally for 15 years. It's inconceivable that I would go back to editing on a Moviola. The advantages of digital enormously outweigh the disadvantages." "Film editing is trying to catch up with what video has been doing for years."

  7. Linear Editing makes special effects challenging Film editing in 1950 Work print film is marked with grease pencil and the actual appearance of the effect must be imagined.

  8. Nonlinear Editing makes experimentation quick and easy Special effects like fades, dissolves, and wipes can be put in and viewed instantly.

  9. Key Terms LinearNonlinear Analog Digital Chronological Random Access Film, reels, canisters Videotape Flatbed editor NLE systems Moviola AVID Film Reader Lightworks

  10. Moviola • portable editing machine that stands upright and is mechanized • made by the Moviola company • can manage a single reel of film and sound track • easy to work with and relatively inexpensive • used in film schools and in some home studios.

  11. AVID Professional editing software used by moviemakers Avid Xpress runs on Dell laptop & costs about $4K

  12. Lightworks • Set of software components that power the world’s leading rendering applications. • Software development companies use LightWorks to provide their users - you - with high performance and high quality rendering solutions. • Company licenses LightWorks to software development companies who then integrate LightWorks into their applications

  13. Nonlinear editing, in the context of computer editing, is to film and video what the word processor was to the typewriter.

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