human resource management n.
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Human Resources Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management

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  1. Human Resource Management

  2. Human resource manager Roles • Determine the needs of staff • Recruit and train the best candidates for the right job • Supervise work • Manage employee relation • Ensure high performance in order to improve productivity • Deal with discrimination so that we can maintain a good relationship • Upgrade learning knowledge of employees • Motivate employees so that they can improve their performance.

  3. HR Planning And Retention Of Employees • Human resource planning and retention is the process of forecasting human resource requirement. Determining the existing human resource capacity of the organization that can be utilized to fulfill the requirements because it focus on economic concept of demand and supply. In context to human resource capacity of organization. Hr. planning and retention is the process in which management of organization meeting the future demand of human resources. • Hr. planning and retention may be quite simple process of managing. That’s why the number in terms of human resource requirements. The actual activity may involve the HR manager to face many roadblocks owing to the effect of the current workforce in the organization, pressure to meet the business objectives and prevailing workforce market condition moreover hr Planning and retention, thus, help the organization in many ways as follows: • In HR planning and retention hr managers are in a stage of anticipating the workforce requirements rather than getting surprised by the change of events • Prevent the business from falling into the trap of shifting workforce market, a common concern among all industries and sectors

  4. Roles Of HR Team In Employee Retention • It is the duty of hr to sit with employees and discuss various issues. • Hr person must ensure that he is recruiting right person for the right job. • The hr persons must conduct various motivational activities so as to improve the • performance of employees. • They must launch various incentive schemes for top performers so that they can achieve the organizational objectives. • Performance reviews are must because this help to asses the employee • HR professionals must try to motivate their employees . It makes them feel that they are special in the organization . So they don’t look for a change. HR Planning and Retention is essential for the organization.

  5. HR outsourcing service categories • A professional employer organization • Business process outsourcing • Application service provider • e-services • All these are the 4 categories in human resource service. it is important to understand all these services because they don't get too sidetracked by the names when interviewing potential outsourcing firms. The key to hiring outsourcing is knowing what services the company needs so that you can find an outsourcing firm and provide them.