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Build Your Own Robotic Arm PowerPoint Presentation
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Build Your Own Robotic Arm

Build Your Own Robotic Arm

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Build Your Own Robotic Arm

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  1. Build Your Own Robotic Arm

  2. Learning Objectives • Learn about technological design • Use mathematical calculations for design • Learn about motion and force • Practice communication skills through written and oral exercises European Robotic Arm

  3. Robot Arm International Space Station • Europe, through ESA, is one of the five partners (NASA, Russian Federal Space Agency, ESA, JAXA, CSA) contributing to the development of the International Space Station. The European Robot Arm (ERA) is one such contribution. • ERA acts as a tool for: • Installation, deployment and replacement of elements of the Russian Segment of the International Space Station, • Inspection of the Russian Segment, • Support/transfer of EVA cosmonauts, • Transfer of Orbital Replacement Units and other assembly tasks.

  4. Robot Arm The European Robot Arm • Large symmetrical robotic arm with 7 degrees of freedom • The arm consists of 2 End Effectors, 2 Wrists, 2 Limbs and 1 Elbow joint together with electronics and cameras. Both ends act as either a “hand” for the robot or the base from which it can operate.

  5. Building the European Robotic Arm Robot Arm • We will build a robot arm from simple materials • The arm must pick up a plastic cup from a distance of 45cm • Lift the cup to a height of at least 15cm • Bring the cup back to rest and release it • Pick up cup upside down

  6. Robot Arm Robot Arm Student Cup 45cm You cannot get any closer than 45cm to the cup at any time You cannot get too close…

  7. Available Materials Robot Arm • Wire • Cardboard • Clothespins • Ice Cream sticks • Rubber bands • Binder clips • Paper clips • Short pencils • Tape • Paper fasteners

  8. Outline and Procedures Robot Arm Divide into teams of two (2) Review the requirements Discuss a solution and create a sketch of your design Build a model of your design with given materials Test your model

  9. Redesign after testing Robot Arm • Discuss and agree upon a redesign • If needed after testing, or to enhance the previous design • Answer reflection questions as a team

  10. Design requirements Robot Arm • The arm must pick up a plastic cup from a distance of 45cm • Lift the cup to a height of at least 15cm • Bring the cup back to rest and release it • Lift and release the cup when it is upside down

  11. Reflection Questions Robot Arm What was one thing you liked about your design? What is its main weakness? What is one thing you would change about your design based on your experience Are there algebraic and physical principles that can be applied to this activity? How would you modify the instructions to create a better experience for the participants?