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Made by. Ryzhkova Kristina And Fomicheva Veronika. The Woman Who Disappeared. A Visitor. My name is Lenny Samuel. I am a private detective. My office is on the west side of LA.

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  1. Made by Ryzhkova Kristina And Fomicheva Veronika

  2. The Woman Who Disappeared

  3. A Visitor My name is Lenny Samuel. I am a private detective. My office is on the west side of LA. I heard someone walk into the outer room. The door openedand in walked one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.’Now, what can I do for you?’‘I need help, but I don’t know if you will be able to help me. I have a little job for you. I want you to find my sister. She has disappeared.’ said the girl.

  4. Please Find My Sister ‘I haven’t told the police,I don’t want any trouble with the police.I just want you to help find my sister.Her name Is Elaine Garfield.My sister disappeared a week ago.We had arranged to have dinner together last Monday nightbut she didn’t come I telephoned her,but there was no answer.So the next morning.’ said the girl. ‘What does she look like?’ ‘She looks like me.We’re twins.I’ll come ans see you again tomorrow afternoon,at five o’clock.Goodbye,Mr Samuel.’ Then I began my work. 685×512

  5. Putting the paper in my pocket,I got up and walked towards the door. On the street I jumped in my Chrysler and drove off fast towards Sunset Place. When I came in the building, the porter asked me, what I want to see. “Miss Elaine Garfield,” I said. “Miss Garfield is out” “When did she go out?” I asked and gave the porter ten dollars. “Now you go for a long walk.” The porter went out into the street and I went up to Apartment 716, Elaine Garfield’s apartmen The Manson Building

  6. A Very Tidy Apartment Rung the bell beside the door of Apartment 716. There was no answer. I took a small piece of plastic, pushed into the space between the door frame and the door opened. There was silence. I searched all rooms and they were clean. Then I opened the door to leave. There were two men standing outside the door. One of them hit me in the face. I was unconcious.

  7. Myer and Myer I woke up and decided to go back to the office and go to bed.The telephone was ringing when I arrived at the office. ‘Listen, Samuel,’ replied a voice. ‘Forget about Eleine Garfield.’The man had put down the telephone. At eighteen minutes to ten, I was sitting in Mr Myer’s office.‘Well, Mr Myer,’ I said, ‘ My name’s Samuel and I’m private detective.’ ‘Does Miss Elaine Garfield work here?’ Mr Myer said that Elaine hasn’t been to work since last Monday.‘Can you tell methe name of anyone who was with her in the same room?’ I asked.‘Elaine shares a room with Suzy Graham.’ answered Mr Myer.I walked out og Mr Myer’s office and knocked the door on the left.‘Are you Suzy Graham?’ I asked. ‘Yes,’ said the girl. ‘I’d like to have a cup of coffee and tell about Elaine Garfield’. ‘No, problem,’ answered the pretty girl.

  8. Suzy In the café, I told Suzy why I was asking questions about Elaine Garfield. He knew Suzy didn’t know that Elaine has a sister. Also he knew the name which called Benny Greep. Benny was person who met with Elaine.

  9. Benny Greep After meeting with Suzy Lenny walked to the Las Cabanas. He knew Benny’s apartment and walked to it. There he saw that Benny was dead in the dark.

  10. Arrested for Murder I picked up the phone and called the police. ‘What are you doing here?’ asked the older policemen when they arrived to the flat. ‘I am sorry, I can not answer that,’ I replied. ‘Tell me who you are working for,’ shouted the younger man angrily. ‘I am going to take Mr Samuel down to the police station,’ said the older policeman. We were soon at the police station, where the policeman locked me in a small room. I sat down on a hard, wooden chair in the locked room and tried to sleep. But I could not sleep, because several things were worrying me.

  11. Sergeant Murphy While I was in the police station, the policeman came into the room and closed the door behind him. Sergeant Murphy sat looking at me. ‘Why did you kill Benny Greep?’ shouted Sergeant Murphy suddenly. ‘Who are you working for?’ ‘I can’t tell you who I’m working for. As far as I know, Benny Greep’s death has nothing to do with me or with person I’m working for.’ Sergeant Murphy looked me straight in the eyes. ‘I hate all private detectives. And you are going to tell me all you know-now.’ ‘I’ve already told you all I know.’ The sergeant told the policeman at the door to take me back to the small room and lock me up again.

  12. The Yellow Car As I got my car out of the police garage, I wondered why Sergeant Myrphy had let me go. As I drove away from the police station, I noticed a small yellow car behind me. The car still chased after me to my office. In my office I found the letter from Helen Garfield. I put it in my pocket and went to the Chrysler. The small yellow car still following me. I was going to the building where Elaine Garfield lived. There was the yellow car chasing after me. I hide from this car, when it was stopped by policemen.

  13. A short visit to the Manson Building I was soon at the Manson Building. The porter was asleep at his desk. Without waking him I noticed the piece of paper with telephone number of ‘Las Cabanas’. So I went to this place. After coming, I sat down at a table and waited.

  14. Las Cabanas When Elaine Garfield came to me, I started to talk about previous acts. After it I tried to ask about something what were interesting for me. I found out that Elaine knew Benny Greep, who was killed. I asked, why Elaine decide to meet in Las Cabanas. She said, that I must wait her a few minutes.

  15. Helen Garfield leaves Helen was not coming in the club for a long time, so I started to find her. She was not in the street, but there were two men, who met me in Elaine’s apartment. I did not want to have something with them again, but I could not.

  16. The Police Station When I met Jo, we started a terrible fight, but it ended with my fault. I was disconnected. I was aweken in the police station. Sergeant told me, that I was found in the middle of the road. I said, that someone hit me near my car. So, he believed me, and I did not worry about it.

  17. Tell me the truth Suddenly Sergeant Murphy started to ask me about bad things, which I did yesterday in the club. I understood, that he know very many about my acts, so I agree with his charge. But policeman tried to cooperate with me. He would like to know all information about Las Cabanas and its owners. Of course I helped him and go away with a good mood.

  18. Telephone calls When I came to my office, I heard, that someone was calling me. I put the telephone and discovered, that it was Jo. He was thinking, that I know where is the girl. He promised to meet with me know. After him Sergeant Murphy called me too. He found out, that there is no Helen, only Elaine Garfield. He decided, that I was a liar. He promisedto met with me too.

  19. I find Elaine I had a therd call. There was Elaine. She wanted to met with me too. Ghoosing between all people, who wanted to see me I decided to drink a cup of tea with Helen. Later I was talking with the blonde. Finally she admitted that she is Elaine Garfield and she is in a big trouble.

  20. Everything is Explained Elaine told me her interesting story. Once, when she was dancing with Suzy, she made a friend, who’s name was Benny Greep. He was a drummer in the club. After many meetings they started to trust to each other. Once day Elaine noticed, that some men had a bag with many expensive things. Finally, Elaine and Benny made a plan, how to steal it. When they made their ideas in the life, those serious men started to find them for taking him bag. So, Elaine disturbed me because she wanted my protection.

  21. I’m sorry When I tried to look forward all jewels in Elaine’s bag, some men came to me. There were Jo and others. They wanted to kill me, but fortunately policemen came to me too. They arrested all people at this place. In police station sergeant Murphy believed, that me and Elaine are innocent. At the end of this story I wanted to say, that it is not much fun being private eye. And you don’t always get paid.

  22. Our thoughts First of all, I want to say about contrast and tension in this plot, because it is excellent and unexpected. So, it was charming for me and everybody should read this wonderful story. I like topic which tells us about crime, detectives and other absorbing things. By Ryzhkova Kristina

  23. It is an amazing adventure which made to fool around nerves. I like the main character of the book. He is so clever and handsome man. I expected that Samuel and Helen fall in love with each other. But unfortunately this did not happen. Despite this, the story is exciting. There are a lot of intriguing momentswhich it is quite impossible to guess. I advice to read this book to everyone. By Fomicheva Veronika 600×489 626×626 620×500

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