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U nit 3

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U nit 3

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  1. Unit 3 BACK TO THE PAST

  2. Word power

  3. You should focus on these aspects: • the meaning of UNESCO • types of world Heritage sites • some world Heritage sites in or near your city or province

  4. Read the passage in the textbook and answer the questions. 1. What does UNESCO stand for? It stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

  5. 2. What are the three types of World Heritage Sites? These sites are divided into three types: cultural heritage sites, natural heritage sites and mixed cultural and natural heritage sites.

  6. Do you know some World Heritage sites in the world? If so, what are they?

  7. Pompeii

  8. The Great Wall

  9. Yellowstone National Park

  10. Mount Huang

  11. Wulingyuan

  12. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

  13. If you have been to one of the World Heritage Sites, or if you have read about some World Heritage Sites and know quite well about them, tell us something about them, especially their values to human civilizations.

  14. Suppose you are an archaeologist and you have just got news that an ancient tomb has beendiscovered. What would you take with you to the tomb?

  15. Camera, brush, spade… • What tools would you take with you? • What can you do with the tools? • How to do your archaeological work? Brush, dig, explore… Discover- dig- explore-brush- remove- record

  16. This is an excerpt from an interview with Professor Zhang. Fill in the blanks.

  17. Archaeology is important to China. I became interested in this subject when I was a small child. I studied at Peking University and I have been an ______________ for thirty years. During these years I have had the chance to explore many different places in China and throughout the world. archaeologist

  18. As you know, China has achieved a lot in archaeology in the past sixty years. One of the great ______________ discoveries over the last few years is the area of Loulan. In 1980, I took part in _____________ the preserved body of a woman. We called her the Loulan Beauty. She had died more than 3800 years before. archaeological discovering

  19. Then in 1998 we _________ several other tombs. You have to be very careful not to destroy anything you find, so you always need to remember to _____ carefully and to ________ away the dirt. You must ________ everything you find and never __________ anything from the site. explored dig brush record remove

  20. summary Words related to archaeology discover archaeologist explore archaeology Archaeological sites dig spade brush remove brush record

  21. Group Discussion There are many other subjects besides archaeology. Each group choose one subject as your topic and then list as many words as possible related to the subject (at least ten). e.g. Words related to biology: biologist; biological; animal; plant; water; soil; climate; environment; balance; food; microscope; grow; live …