u nit 4 enlightenment and absolutism n.
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U nit 4 Enlightenment and Absolutism PowerPoint Presentation
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U nit 4 Enlightenment and Absolutism

U nit 4 Enlightenment and Absolutism

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U nit 4 Enlightenment and Absolutism

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  1. Unit 4 Enlightenment and Absolutism Lesson 2 The Rise and Fall of Spain (SPAIN)

  2. The Rise of Nations (NATION) Learning Target Students can explain the rise and fall of the nation of Spain

  3. The Rise of Nations (NATION) Background • Both England and France became nations before Spain. But Spain was the first to become truly powerful. During most of the 1500s, its political and economic power was much greater than that of England and France. Spain’s story begins with the Moors.

  4. The Rise of Nations (NATION) S– Spain was settled by the Moors • Islamic nomads from North Africa • Built Cordoba, their capital city • Contained a library that reintroduced Greek and Roman learning in Europe • Spain became the most powerful nation in Europe (due to exploration)

  5. The Rise of Nations (NATION) P– Process of unification • Aragon and Castile were two independent kingdoms in Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella) • They defeated the Moors and wanted all of Spain to be Catholic. If you refused you had to leave Spain. • Provided Christopher Columbus with three ships to sail west to Asia

  6. The Rise of Nations (NATION) A– A New Holy Roman Emperor • King Ferdinand died and his grandson Charles I becomes king (Hapsburg family) • Charles I became Charles V when his other grandfather (the Holy Roman Emperor) dies • Charles inherits the lands of France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and New Spain

  7. The Rise of Nations (NATION) I– Invasion of England • Charles V spent most of his time fighting wars, he finally had enough and gave up power at 56 • His brother Ferdinand I took control of the HRE; His son Philip II took control of Spain • Philip II, a Catholic, wanted to stop the spread of Protestantism (married Mary) • He decides to invade Elizabeth I of England

  8. The Rise of Nations (NATION) N – Naval Armada • Philip built a large fleet of warships known as the Spanish Armada (130 ships) • Because of their size and slow speed they lose the battle to England • Only half of the Armada ships made it back to Spain • With the defeat of Spain, England will become the most powerful nation in Europe