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U nit 7

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  1. Unit 7 My Car Looks Brand-new. Look at the picture and discuss 1. Where are they? 2. Who are they?

  2. 1. talk about fixing a car. 2. use it as form subject. You will be able to:

  3. Warmingup 1 Listen and match. 听录音并连线。 a sports car an ambulance a taxi a fire fighting truck a school bus a sport utility vehicle (SUV)

  4. Warmingup 2 Listen and then answer the questions. 听录音,然后回答问题。 under the hood overheat • 1. What was wrong with Mary’s car? • 2. What did Steve ask Mary to do first? • 3. What happened when Mary started the car? Smoke kept coming out from under the hood. Key Sentences Steve asked Mary to start the car and let him see. 1. Has something broken? 2. It’s hard to say at the moment. 3. My car looks brand-new. There was a strange noise.

  5. Listening and Speaking 1 Learn these words. 学习这些单词。 brand-new engine polish brake garage

  6. Listening and Speaking 2 Listen to the dialogue and repeat. 听录音,然后跟读。 (On the phone) v Jimmy: Hello Laurie. Your car is ready to pick up. Great. I’ll be there soon. (Half an hour later) Oh, wow! My car looks brand-new. The engine has had a full service and the brakes are working well again. Good job. I’ve also cleaned it inside and out and given it a polish. That’s very nice of you. Thank you. No problem. I’m still new at the garage and I’ve just started learning. I know, but I bet you’ll do well with service like this. Laurie: Laurie: Jimmy: Laurie: Jimmy: Laurie: Jimmy: Laurie:

  7. Listening and Speaking 3 Decide true (T) or false (F). 判断正误。 F 1. Laurie sold her old car and bought a new one. 2. Jimmy cleaned the car inside and out and gave it a polish. T 3. Jimmy has been working in the garage for many years. F Learning Tips: 为了提高口语能力,首先要增 加语言输入的类型和数量,积 累素材。除了学习书本上正式 的英语以外,我们还应该多了 解当今英美国家日常生活、工 作以及其他场合中使用的语言。

  8. Listening and Speaking 4 Complete the form according to the dialogue. 根据对话填表。 Car Repairing Name: Laurie Bush Date: 5 Sept. 2009 Phone: 80-117823456 Make: Audi Model: Audi R8 Please list the repairs: The engine 1. ____________ has had a full service. 2. ____________ are working again. Other services: __________________________________ ________________________________________________ Mechanic signature: Jimmy Smith The brakes Jimmy has cleaned the car inside and out and given it a polish.

  9. Listening and Speaking 5 Learn the words and then complete the dialogue. 学习这些单词,然后用其正确形式填空。 garage offer repair Jack, your car needs to be 1)______________ again. But it was just fixed two months ago by the 2)____________ near my home. I know. Maybe they didn’t do a very good job. I do wish I could do it myself. Why don’t you learn? I’m sure many vocational schools 3)__________ courses on car repairing. That’s a good idea. repaired Lucy: garage Jack: Lucy: Jack: Language Tips: Lucy: repair 比 fix 稍显正式,你可以用 repair 表示修理任何破损或破漏的东西,比如 furniture ( 家具), car, roof 等。在英式英语中我们通常用 fix 来表示修理机器、车辆或其他运载工具。My car has broken down. It needs fixing. = My car has broken down. It needs repairing. offer Jack:

  10. Skill Practice 1 Match the expressions and responses. 匹配句子。 Customer Mechanic a. Yes, sir, your car is ready. Would you like to pick it up right now? 1. Is my car ready yet? 2. I’d like to have a 5,000-kilometre basic maintenance. b. All right. I’ll clean it as soon as possible. 3. Wow! My car looks perfect. Good job! c. We changed the headlights. Then we washed it. 4. (After seeing his car) My car looks brand-new! What did you do to fix it? d. No problem. Please take a rest in our customer’s room. I’ll begin right away. 5. My car is a little dirty. Would you have it washed? e. Sir, the maintenance has been finished.

  11. Skill Practice 2 Make dialogues according to the situations. 根据以下情境设计两段对话,你可以用上题中的句子。 Situation 1. A customer drives his car to a garage for maintenance. Example: A: What can I do for you, sir? B: I’d like to have a 5,000-kilometre basic maintenance. A: … Situation 2. Suppose you are in a garage now. You want to pick up your car. Example: A: Hello, I’m John Smith. Is my car ready yet? B: Let me check… Is it a new blue Buick GLX? A: …

  12. What progress I have made! I’m happy. ^_^