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Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1

Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1. Objectives: TEKS : 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A , Chinese course description, class expectation To identify and say Chinese phonics, To say and write family members in Chinese To make sentence with sentence pattern: This is ______.

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Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1

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  1. Chinese 1 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1 Objectives: TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, Chinese course description, class expectation To identify and say Chinese phonics, To say and write family members in Chinese To make sentence with sentence pattern: This is ______.

  2. Monday: Welcome to Chinese class!! • Class description and expectations 欢迎 Welcome!

  3. Mondayobjectives: • Students in group of 3 to study the class description and rules they assigned. • Students present to class what they learn about class description and rules. • The teacher introduce the Chinese new words and dialogue. • Students do the activities: getting to know each other by stand up and great each other at least you great 6 students in Chinese.

  4. Tuesday objectives • TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, • Learn how to say hello, good bye in Chinese. • Stand up, Hands up, pair up: Getting to know each other • Hint: You are getting your daily grade and do not miss a point!!!( talking without permission, make noises, texting, surfing internet, etc will cost you point off!!!

  5. Get your Chinese name RHS • CUMMINGS, RACHEL L. 瑞秋 ruiqiu • DAVIS, TYLER E. 泰乐Tàilè • DOMINGUEZ, ENRIQUE M. 恩瑞客 Ēnruìkè • ESPINOZA, NITZA B.贝棱beiling • HADDOCK, JOSHUA B.约书亚Yuēshūyà • HERNANDEZ, LESLIE L. 乐思丽Lèsīlì • HITE, ALYSA N. 爱丽喜雅Àilìxǐyǎ • JONES, BRENDON J. 布兰登Bùlándēng • KELLER, IVAN A. 爱文Àiwén • LUTCH, BENJAMIN A.本杰明 Běnjiémíng • PHILLIPS, ZACHARY A. 扎克Zhākè • PRITCHETT, AARON D. 爱伦Àilún • RODRIGUEZ, AZAREL G. 爱热瑞Àirèruì • SENG, HTANG 糖Táng • SILVA, JONATHAN D. 乔纳森Qiáonàsēn • TRAN, KHANH T. 崆Kōng • Jason H. 杰森 Jiésēn

  6. Get to know your Chinese name BHS • AUTREY, HANNAH M. 汉娜Hànnà china, girl • CATHEY, SETH E. 塞斯Sāisī better than si • CAZIER, SEAN M. 雄Xióng Hero • COOPER, MCKENNA N. 麦肯娜Màikěnnà wheat, can, girl • GOODWIN, ANNA T. 安娜Ānnà peaceful ,girl • GRAY, KYSHAWN D. 凯侠Kǎixiá victory, hero • LONA, LILIANA 丽莲Lìlián pretty, lotus • MCKINNEY, WILLOW A. 薇洛Wēiluò rose, a river’s name • PETERSON, MAXIMILLIAN V. 麦克斯Màikèsī (wheat, can ,be polite.) • RODRIGUEZ, ANDREA 安德丽雅Āndélìyǎ ( peace, moral, pretty, elegent) • THONGTAP-THAO, NICHOLAS 鲵可Níké ( a fish, can) • Michael 麦克 Màikèwheat, overcome • Hanssen 汉森 China, forest

  7. Tuesday objectives • TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, • Students will be able to pronounce their name in Chinese. • Teacher will introduce new words: family members • Students make a foldable and copy down all the new words in their foldable. • Students practice the new words in pair. • Voc. Quiz tomorrow: dad, mom, elder sister, young sister • Home work: practice reading and writing the new words at home and turn it in before Friday.

  8. conversation • 你好!Nǐhǎo hello • 我叫_________.Wǒjiào • ( 我叫Tom. I am Tom.) • 再见!Zàijiàn

  9. Wednesday objectives • TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, • The students will learn the first 4 family members. • The students will practice the sentence pattern: This is….

  10. Family members 爸爸BàBa dad 妈妈Māmāmom 妹妹Mèimeiyounger sister姐姐Jiejieelder sister

  11. Sentence pattern • This is …. • 这是_________.

  12. Voc.quiz: Please put English after each word • 1. 爸爸 2. 妈妈 • 3.妹妹 4. 爷爷 • 5.姐姐 6. 哥哥 • 7.弟弟 8. • 奶奶

  13. Wednesday objectives 弟弟Dìdì younger brother 哥哥 gege elder brother 奶奶Nǎinai grandma 爷爷Yéye grandpa

  14. Thursdayobjectives • TEKS:1A,1B, 2A • Review the new words: family members, • Review the sentence patterns: • 这是+familymember • Example: 这是我妈妈。Thisismymom。 • Pleasemakeafoldableandtalkaboutyourfamilymembers,atleast4people.

  15. Homework • Students will do their foldable and turn it in Friday.

  16. Friday Objectives • GhostMonthproject • The students will go to the library and do a research on Chinese Ghost month.

  17. Ghostmonth Project • 1. What is Chinese Halloween? When is Chinese Halloween?  • 2.  How long will Chinese Halloween last? What will Chinese people do to celebrate Chinese Halloween? • 3.   What are the characters in Chinese Halloween? • 4.What are the taboos in Chinese Ghost Month? • 5. What is the difference between Chinese Ghost Month and western Halloween? Please name three. • Ms. Wu’s email address: • yun-ping.wu@birdvilleschools.net

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