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Chinese 2 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1

Chinese 2 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1. Objectives: TEKS : 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A , 1. Chinese course description, class expectation 2. To review numbers, color, family member, professions, electronics , 3. Monday: Welcome to Chinese class!!. TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A,

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Chinese 2 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1

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  1. Chinese 2 Lesson plan Aug.28-Sep.1 Objectives: TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, 1. Chinese course description, class expectation 2. To review numbers, color, family member, professions, electronics , 3.

  2. Monday: Welcome to Chinese class!! • TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, • Class description and expectations • Review greetings. • Stand up, Hands up, pair up: talk to your classmates and greet them. • Design your folder cover and your grammar book cover.

  3. conversation • 你好!Nǐhǎo Hi! • 我叫_________.Wǒjiào ( 我叫Tom. I am Tom.) • 再见!Zàijiàn Goodbye! • 你叫什么名字?Nǐjiàoshénmemíngzì? What is your name? • 你多大了?Nǐduōdàle?How old are you? • 你喜欢什么颜色?Nǐxǐhuanshénmeyánsè? What color do you like? • 你想喝点什么?Nǐxiǎnghēdiǎnshénme? What do you want to drink? • 你的电话号码是什么?Nǐ de diànhuàhàomǎshìshénme? • What is your phone number? • 您的电子邮件地址是什么?Nín de diànzǐyóujiàndìzhǐshìshénme? What is your email address? • 你住在哪里?Nǐzhùzàinǎlǐ?Where do you live?

  4. Activities • Students in group of 3 to study the class description and rules they assigned. • Students present to class what they learn about class description and rules. • The teacher introduce the Chinese new words and dialogue. • Students do the activities: getting to know each other by stand up and great each other at least you great 6 students in Chinese.

  5. Tuesday objectives • TEKS: 1A, 3B, 3A, 4A, 5A, • Teacher will review new words about colors, numbers. • Students make a foldable and copy down all the new words in their foldable. • Students practice the new words in pair. • Voc. Quiz tomorrow: • Home work: practice reading and writing the new words at home and turn it in before Friday.

  6. Warm up: please copy down the words in your note • Colors 颜色 • 黑色hēisè • 白色báisè • 绿色lùsè • 黄色huángsè • 蓝色lánsè • 红色hóngsè • 紫色zǐ • 灰色huī • 棕色zōngsè • 橙色chéng

  7. 黑色 • 白色 • 绿色 • 黄色 • 蓝色 • 红色 • 紫色 • 灰色 • 棕色 • 橙色

  8. Subject + Like… 喜欢…… 。 • 我喜欢红色。妈妈喜欢蓝色。爸爸也喜欢蓝色。我哥哥喜欢紫色。我姐姐喜欢白色。我弟弟喜欢绿色。你呢?

  9. Put pinyin and English to the following numbers • 一________, 二________,三__________, • 四_________,五_______,六_______, • 七_________, 八_________, 九_________, • 十_________, 十一________,二十______, • 三十_______, 一百_______,一千_______,

  10. Family members 爸爸BàBa dad 妈妈Māmāmom 妹妹Mèimei younger sister 姐姐Jiejieelder sister

  11. Family members 弟弟Dìdì younger brother 哥哥 gege elder brother 奶奶Nǎinai grandma 爷爷Yéye grandpa

  12. Sentence pattern • This is …. She is a teacher. This is my dad. He is a police officer. This is my sister. She is a doctor. I want to be a fire fighter. • 这是我妈妈. 她是老师。这是我爸爸。他是警察。这是我姐姐。她是医生。我想当消防员。 • Please write a paragraph about your family. Make a foldable.

  13. Wednesday objectives • TEKS:1A,1B, 2A • Review the new words: family members, professionals • Review the sentence patterns: • Subject + 是+profession • Example: 我妈妈是老师。 • 我爸爸是医生。 • Pleasemakeafoldableandtalkaboutyourfamilymembers,atleast4people.

  14. professions • 医生 doctor yīshēng • 护士 nurse hùshì • 商人business person shāngrén • 律师  lawyer lǜshī • 法官  judge fǎguān • 警察  police officer jǐngchá

  15. 医生 doctor • 护士 nurse • 商人business person   • 律师  lawyer • 法官  judge • 警察  police officer

  16. 服务 员 waiter/waitress/ service person fúwùyuán • 推 销 员 , salesperson, tuīxiāoyuán • 房 地 产 商 real estate agent, fángdichǎnshāng • 经 济 分 析 员 Jīngjìfēnxīyuán financial analyst, • 公 司 职 员 gōngsīzhíyuán staff • 演 员 Yǎnyuán actor, actress • 医生yīshēng doctor • 护士hù shì nurse • 商人shāng rén  business person • 律师lǜshī lawyer • 法官fǎguān judge • 警察jǐngchá police officer

  17. Write down family members on the front, then flip over to make sentences inside.

  18. Thursday objectives • TEKS: 1A, 2C • TSW have vocabulary quiz over color and professions • TSW review the professionals. • TSW finish their foldable.

  19. Voc.Review 爸爸BàBa dad 妈妈Māmā mom 妹妹 Mèimei younger sister 姐姐Jiejie elder sister 奶奶Nǎinai grandma 爷爷Yéye grandpa 弟弟Dìdì younger brother 哥哥gege elder brother 服务员 推销员 房 地 产商 经 济 分 析 员 公司 职 员 演 员 医生yīshēng doctor 护士 商人 律师 法官 警察 police officer • 黑色hēisè • 白色báisè • 绿色lùsè • 黄色huángsè • 蓝色lánsè • 红色hóngsè • 紫色zǐsè • 灰色huīsè • 棕色zōngsè • 橙色chéngsè • Pw bisdstu • User:

  20. Voc. Quiz: Please put pinyin $English next to the words • 爸爸 • 妈妈 • 妹妹 • 姐姐 • 奶奶 • 爷爷 • 弟弟 • 哥哥 • 服务员 • 推销员 • 房 地产商 • 经 济分析 员 • 公司职员 • 演 员 • 医生 • 护士 • 商人 • 律师 • 法官 • 警察 • 黑色 • 白色 • 绿色 • 黄色 • 蓝色 • 红色 • 紫色 • 灰色 • 棕色 • 橙色

  21. 1. Send a text message to (442) 333-4042 • 2. With the message: @chinese2bh

  22. Friday: Culture day Teks: 2A • Objectives: Chinese provinces research • TSW chose a province he/ she wants to study on. • TSW find the location, capital city, population of the city • TSW find the historical 2 important events and 2 important people and write a short paragraph about them. • TSW make a presentation paper and present next Friday.

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