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  2. THE ARTISTS AND YOUR AUDIENCE • My magazine represents the norms of Jamaica .By showing of religious views and the beliefs of being a Rastafarian. My magazine shows that social groups within Jamaica have a big influence on what is what is important to the people of Jamaica. I also showed how Jamaicans are not only gangsters who smoke marijuana all the time; they are good people who have positive view of life not just negative. To show this representation, I did this by including an article on an artist’s diet. By doing so I could make the reader understand more about the religion of Rastafarian beating the stereotype. By relating my magazine to readers age 16 -25, I showed a positive vibe to people their age so that they could understand that reggae is not all about smoking or drinking or involving in deviant behaviour. It’s all about enjoying life by showing this through their beliefs .Some of the poses in which I used in my photographs I used to represent the idea of unity in Jamaica and how the people of Jamaica love the idea of reunion. My female model on my front cover has her hand placed on the hand of the male model to represent a sign of being able to lean on each other in the time of need showing the beliefs of the culture. Also by the male model having his headphones round his head it is showing how music is an important aspect of their culture. This pose will come across to my audience as what we would like to see about reggae and how there is a positive side to the music. Other people who are not my target audience but will see it in the market production who may not know much about reggae music will gather information from connotations of the models and realise it is not all about violence marijuana etc and they may consider buying and listening to the music.

  3. THE ARTISTS AND YOUR AUDIENCE • My magazine also shows that listening to reggae does not make you a yardie (a gang mostly consisted of Jamaicans in the UK who relate to drugs and violence including gangland lifestyles) by not making any of my artists have dreadlocks I am beating the stereotype of being Rastafarian with dreadlocks. The slang in which I included in my magazine represents the whole idea of ethnicity .Due to there broken language used represents the social groups in Jamaica. The connotations of broken English show that there is a subculture within the music and the language which is used, it shows how Jamaicans are their own people and they express this through their spoken words. My magazine also represents Rastafarians and Jamaican as outgoing people who are very creative which is shown through their music.

  4. For my media product my audience would be young adolescents who are moving up to early adulthood who feel a connection to the vibe in which reggae music lets of. So I would say the age range would be between 16 – 25 .any one who is opened minded and love the idea of reggae making a come back and becoming more popular amongst young people instead of the sub genre bashment. The audience do not have to be Rastafarian or even Jamaican they just got to feel a connection to the lyrics of the songs, depends on the type of reggae music in which you choose to listen to can reflect on the person for an example of a person who would listen to revival lovers rock would be someone who loves to go with friends and meet new people.

  5. Due to lovers rock reggae all about feelings and being in touch with them and expressing them through soft beats the person would have to be someone who enjoys the idea of just relaxing in their room and thinking about things, this type of person would rather keep to themselves and hear these soft melody in their head and then relate it to their everyday life. If this person was 17,18 they would probably go to college and return to just find a quite space in their house where they can just lay and relate to this reggae music. This person could be of any ethnicity but this person in my example could be of Jamaican descended whose parents are very keen on the idea of reggae and so they grew up on listening to it. This person might have posters in their room of great reggae legends .they may also wear clothes which represent the colours of Rastafarian or Jamaican i.e red ,green ,yellow, black .to relate to the way they feel about the music they are listening to.

  6. SEMIOLOGY • To enter into a relationship with my audience the language in which I used I wanted it to relate to society today .Including subcultures where slang is heavy used. Many words in my magazine of not written in standard English but then again not all of it is written in patios to suggest that reggae can be blended with English culture to create something just as diverse. By writing about things in which I new I would be interested in reading for someone my age, so I talked about fashion in which I could find common interest to relate to the audience. By audience seeing my magazine they will gather the information bullet. My message in which I am trying to get across to the audience is that reggae is misunderstood and you have to actually listen to the music and listen to the messages in which it has. My message is set in a way in Which it is trying to get the audience to realise other side to reggae music .My message is made sense of by the way I have used pictures and language which I would relate to the audience. • The meaning is actually made by the pictures and the text which is used. By the pose in which the models doing it creates the meaning of peace and harmony within the music.

  7. I used this as the title of my magazine because it has the connotations of : • Being at home • feeling welcome • Your home is like where you feel comfortable • Base • A place where to feel at ease Inspiring words in patios are used to link this magazine to Rastafarian roots Serious face to suggest : *focused * Determined * Ready!! The female model has got her hand on the male model`s shoulder to suggest I sign of affection and she is offering support. I put the Jamaican flag here to make sure the audience of the idea that this magazine is linked to the roots of Jamaica

  8. I used this language for the magazine due to it being a Jamaican magazine I wanted to make it different from any other English music magazine in the markets today Conventions I used these colours for the title because it represents the colours which link to the Rastafarian culture .the colours symbolises : Rastafarian colours The Rastafarian colours are red, green and gold. Sometimes black is added. These colours are chosen because: Red signifies the blood of those killed for the cause of the black community, throughout Jamaican history Green represents Jamaica's vegetation and hope for the eradication of suppression Gold symbolises the wealth of Ethiopia Black signifies the colour of the Africans who initiated Rastafari I used this font for the story titles to make sure they stand out and make it clear that they are bold the colours. I used relate to the Rastafarian colours once again. I done my layout like this to show of the different colours in which I used

  9. This part of the article written in bold to suggest that it is important and it stands out Title of article written in Jamaican this means “make her happy” in patios meaning that men should look after the women in their lives. I uses this title to emphasis on the commitment between men and women CONVENTIONS OF DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Big font for the title where as the rest of the text is written in normal size Using serious poses for the models to show dedication Layout set like to show of both the male and female models poses ,black box around the closing part of the article so summarise points and make it clear to the audience Colour yellow used to represent the wealth of my two models.

  10. CONVENTIONS OF CONTENTS PAGE Font used is curved due to fitting around the writing, making the text easy to read and the text comes across as simple and interesting not too crowded Unity!, being together ,a family, a community close relationship ,showing the beliefs of Jamaica for the people Written in patois to link the magazine back to the roots of Jamaica and still trying to keep the link that it is a Jamaican magazine Boxes crossing with two different colours to show they go together ,also showing that both colours represent one ,both colours are Colours used for models clothes are either red ,green, black or yellow showing their unity and loyalty to rastfari showing they got power ,wealth and the power to over come any oppression in their lives Use of the Jamaican flag to try and get the message across clearer.

  11. MORE CONVENTIONS • Conventions • In a real reggae magazine there would be more patios spoken in the written text, where as my magazine I has left it mostly in English to show that it can be just as good. • By using this cover picture it shows of the whole idea of support and the unity of the Jamaican. The colours used reflect Jamaican beliefs. • The stories in which i listed in my magazine reflect culture in Jamaica such as food receipts and fashion ideas.

  12. CAMERAS COMPUTERS AND PROGRAMMES • From constructing this project I have learnt that technique as well as technology is very important when trying to get your work to the best standard as possible. I have learnt about the whole idea of using paint show pro and using different tools on publisher in which i had never come across before in trying to manipulate my work for the best. • Technologies can allow me to take a photo and change I the same picture in so many ways such as cropping, rotating, inserting in a new image, brightening, contrasting and removing red eyes in pictures. All these points will allow the image to move to a higher level. • The limitations of technology don`t really exist any thing that someone with my experience would like to do can be done until I have reach an advance stage in media studies. • There is too much choice with technology so therefore you will try and manipulate your project in so many different ways but you may not be sure on which is the best way for example whether to use paint shop pro of publisher to create a title. • The way society is now we have become depended on the technology in our pockets .with out digital technology we would not be able to get the right look we are looking for .we could never look to take a decent photograph with out using a digital camera and not be criticised for it.

  13. SUMMARY • I have learnt how to analyse text, outlining the connotations and denotations of the meaning. I have also learnt how explain the conventions of a picture etc. By doing this project I have learnt that everything single thing in the media happens for a reason every single word in text every detail in pictures it is there for the effect of the reader to get a message across.