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  1. Nominations

  2. Documenti su elezione spokesperson Le regole riguardanti la ‘Spokesperson election’ sono definite nei seguenti documenti di ATLAS A56_ATLAS_Organisation[1.1].pdf A56_Spokesperson_Election[5.1].pdf A40_ATLAS_Election_Procedures[3].pdf A28_to_34_CB_Amendments_Org[4].pdf seguito sono riportati alcuni puntiimportanti e alcune linee guida concordate dal Search Committee.

  3. Criteria to be applied: • The following criteria should be applied in the selection, as stated in the second document: "the scientific status of the candidate, the level of experience in managing large projects, the availability (date when the candidate can take office), any other responsibilities of the candidate, CERN residency, his or her personality and his or her acceptance by the majority of the Collaboration". The Search Committee has agreed to apply two additional criteria: - The contribution of the candidate to ATLAS - The ability of the candidate to represent the Collaboration in different contexts

  4. The issue of co-spokespersons: The first document states: "ATLAS will normally have one spokesperson. However, the Collaboration Board can also decide, with a 2/3 majority, to elect two spokespersons.“ This is further developed in the second document: "The search committee expects to recommend to the CB two or more candidates, who have agreed to stand for election. The search committee will also discuss the recommended candidates with the CERN management. If a pair of co-spokespersons seems to be an optimum solution for ATLAS, the search committee canrecommend this team. This would require a 2/3 majority of the CB for approval.“ The constitution thus foresees the possibility of nominating and subsequently electing a pair of co-spokespersons. If there is a pair of co-spokespersons on the shortlist, according to the rules, a pre-vote requiring 2/3 majority to allow the pair of co-spokespersons to run will be held at the same CB meeting as the election. In the case that the pair of co-spokespersons gets less than 2/3 of the votes in the pre-vote, i.e. is not allowed to stay on the shortlist, one or both of the individuals of the pair is allowed to run on her/his own, provided that this is agreed with the Search Committee and announced to the Collaboration at the same time as the shortlist.

  5. The issue of deputy Spokesperson(s): In the first document is stated: "The spokesperson(s) may nominate one or two deputies, who will be elected by the Collaboration Board for the duration of the term of office of the spokesperson(s). The responsibilities of the deputy spokesperson(s) have to be clearly defined.“ The view of the Search Committee is that the Spokesperson(s) candidates might well be asked to comment on their preferred management structure in their statements. However, nominations of possible deputy spokesperson(s) should not be done until after the election.

  6. The issue of a candidate receiving 5 or more nominations from different institutions: In the third document there is a rule stating: "For the CB posts, candidates should be short-listed if they receive 5 or more nominations from different institutions." Even though not explicitly stated, the spirit of this rule is to promote candidates having a wide-spread support over the Collaboration at large. In the following this rule will be referred to as the "5-institutions-rule". The Spokesperson position is a CB post and this rule will consequently be applied. It is, however, important to note that all nominated candidates will be carefully assessed by the Search Committee according to the criteria listed above. A shortlist will be produced containing candidates considered excellent by the Search Committee as well as all "5-institutions-rule" candidates, many of whom may of course also be considered excellent. In the document referred to there is a distinction between the shortlist and what in this document is called "the final slate of candidates" which will be announced to the CB. Using this terminology a candidate on the shortlist will not automatically appear in the final slate made public. There may be several reasons for this. Firstly, according to our rules the CERN management has to be consulted and only those shortlisted candidates approved by the management may go to the final slate. Also, approached by the Search Committee a shortlisted candidate may of course for various reasons wish not to stand.

  7. Candidati suggeriti per Atlas spokesperson • Fabiola Gianotti • Leonardo Rossi • Matteo Cavalli Sforza • Marzio Nessi • Steinar Stapnes

  8. Candidati suggeriti per Run coordinator • Roberto Ferrari • Beniamino Di Girolamo

  9. Candidati suggeriti per Publication Committee (6 new) • Filippo Ceradini • Clara Troncon • Adele Rimoldi