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ACT Happenings PowerPoint Presentation
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ACT Happenings

ACT Happenings

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ACT Happenings

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  1. ACT Happenings National Health Service Planners Forum7 & 8 April 2011

  2. What’s New & Innovative Central meaning of Innovation relates to renewal or improvement, with novelty being a consequence of the improvement. It can be new stuff that is useful or old stuff made useful again

  3. CAPITAL ASSET DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM • CADP is a blueprint for the redevelopment of the entire ACT Health system. • It is a comprehensive response to: • Growing demand for health services being driven by an ageing population, changing technology and consumer and provider expectations; • An ageing capital asset base in the Territory that is difficult to maintain and is close to full capacity.

  4. Projected Infrastructure Directions and Priorities 2 years: Women’s and Children’s Hospital Gungahlin, Belconnen and Tuggeranong Community Health Centres Capital Region Cancer Centre Adult Acute Inpatient Mental Health Unit Bush Healing Farm 5 years: Secure Mental Health Unit Adolescent and Young Persons Mental Health Unit Phillip and Civic Community Health Centres Skills Development Centre Northside acute hospital 10 years: new acute buildings for the Canberra Hospital accommodation facilities

  5. Regional Implications • ACT Health planning assumes no changes in the cross border flow patterns into the ACT • Current range of services NSW residents access in the ACT will continue, and is projected to increase in line with population growth and ageing. • Inpatient services with the greatest projected increase are those associated with ageing – renal dialysis, sub and non acute services, orthopaedics, diagnostic endoscopies, interventional cardiology and ophthalmology. • Significant increases in activity are also expected for mental health services and in critical care units such as Coronary Care, Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care.

  6. Cooperation & Collaboration

  7. Our Reality • Health systems are under pressure due to: • Ageing population (re-present later in life) • Impact of new technologies • Escalating workforce shortages • Increasing consumer demands • These pressures are represented by: • Access block • Increasing bed occupancy rates • Extended waiting times for elective surgery

  8. We need to concentrate our efforts on where we will achieve the best gains: • Aged care • Mental Health • Chronic Disease Management • Early Childhood and Vulnerable Families • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

  9. Considerations Working in an environment of • Ageing population • New technologies • Increasing community expectations

  10. Ageing Population It’s not the just our patients - it’s also our workforce!

  11. New TechnologiesTechnology Mapping Clinical Technologies & Planning Health Services

  12. Challenge Ahead • How do we successfully integrate Clinical Technology with Planning to: • - Ensure that clinical and facility planning is future-focused and captures the evolution of technology • - Ensure that medical equipment purchasing and replacement plans are designed to adopt new and innovative technologies

  13. Needs Analysis ACT-Wide Technology Roadmaps • Incorporate ACT Health current and future needs with global technology maps • High-level involvement of key clinical, engineering and managerial stakeholders • Outcomes include a customized technology maps and a technology vision tool Global Technology Maps Where Do We Need to Be? Where Are We now? Technology Profiling Technology Planning & Prioritizing Role Delineation of Clinical Services

  14. New Technologies -Technology Mapping Challenge Successful integration of Clinical Technology and Planning Solution Develop set of clinical technology roadmaps to: • Ensure that clinical services and facility planning is future-focused and captures the evolution of technology • Inform the medical equipment purchasing and replacement programmes

  15. Project Goals-1 • Identify and inform ACT Health about the future trends of clinical technology over the next 5 – 10 years • Ensure clinical technology planning at ACT Health in alignment with organisation-wide health service planning & service delivery delineation • Provide input for periodic reviews and updates of the ACT Health Clinical Services Plan • Consolidate, analyse and disseminate information and knowledge on new and emerging technologies, equipment and applications

  16. Enhance key stakeholder engagement in technology planning and adoption Provide guidance for more extensive and detailed technology planning for redevelopment programme at TCH and other ACT Health facilities Provide input for early identification and development of workforce, service design, new models of care and infrastructure planning Project Goals-2

  17. Increasing Community Expectations Value Managed planning from the outset rather than at the end