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Class Happenings PowerPoint Presentation
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Class Happenings

Class Happenings

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Class Happenings

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  1. Class Happenings Week of April 2nd – April 5th, 2013

  2. Forensic ScienceWednesday 4.3.2013 • Bell Work Question of the day: What number comes next in the sequence? 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221, ___________?

  3. Forensic Science • Get in a group with 3 people who read about the drugs you did NOT read about yesterday. (the 4 groups were narcotics, hallucinogens, stimulants, and depressants). In your group, you are the expert on your assigned drug. Share with your group common drugs that fall into this category, how the drug affects your body, and anything else interesting that you read. Give each person a fair time to talk. • Once all members have shared, you are going to pick a group of drugs that you would like to learn more about. After you have picked your category, you are going to create a visual that you can present to the class that contains the following information about your drug group: • Common drugs that fall into that group • What does the drug do to your body/How it affects you • Common uses of your type of drugs (medicine, illicit, ritualistic, etc.) • At least 2 examples of this drug group in the news • Possible punishment for possession of these drugs • Possible punishment for use of these drugs

  4. Biology Wednesday 4.3.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What information can a pedigree provide us with?

  5. Biology • Discuss Probabilities – How to calculate them? • Review pedigrees! (Using pedigree handout) • What do they tell us/give us • Inferring Genotypes • X-linked vs. Autosomal • If no parents have it, but kids do, what kind of trait? • If dad doesn’t have it, but only male children do, which trait? • If more boys have it, what kind of trait?

  6. STEM Wednesday 4.3.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What is the spring constant of a rubber band that stretches 200 cm when a 55 kg weight is applied to it?

  7. STEM • Make sure that you have created a folder for yourself! • Complete the Student survey if you didn’t yesterday • Finish building and calculating all information for catapult A • Once all information is calculated/completed, you may begin construction of catapult B.

  8. Forensic Science Thursday 4.4.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What do the following words have in common? Pig, Pony, Bob, Dove, Swallow, and Cotton.

  9. Forensic Science • We will start the day off by finishing your visual that you started yesterday. We will then be sharing with the class. • When presenting your visual, focus on the following information: • Common types of drugs in this group • How these drugs affect the body • What is the punishment for possession and/or use of the drugs • At least one example of these drugs in the news • DEA fact sheet. Pick the drugs you would like more information on, look at and discuss together. • The 5 schedules of controlled substances

  10. Biology Thursday 4.4.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What is incomplete dominance?

  11. Biology • Incomplete vs. Codominance video clip • Review the two terms. Check for comfort level. • How does the environment influence the appearance of certain traits? Examples? • Next we have two tasks to complete: • If you would like to, you can test your own blood to determine blood type. This is not required! • Your assignment – Page 301 #1 – 5

  12. STEMThursday 4.4.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What is the difference between elastic potential energy and gravitational potential energy?

  13. STEM • Today, you need to finish calculations/construction of catapults A and B. • Once finished with the two small catapults, you must show me that all of your calculations are complete. Once you have done that, you can begin construction of your larger wooden catapult. Today is work time.

  14. Forensic Science Friday 4.5.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: A certain number consists of 2 digits. The number is equal to 5 times the sum of its digits. If you add 9 to the number, the order of its digits is reversed. What is the number?

  15. Forensic Science • Today, we will be watching a Documentary about the use and abuse of prescription pain medicine. There is no worksheet to go along with it, but you are to turn in at least a one page written response to the video before you leave for the day.

  16. Biology Friday 4.5.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: What is the difference between a fraternal and identical set of twins?

  17. Biology • To start with, we are going to be introduced to prezi, a program we will be using today • Down to the computer lab – create a prezi presentation, either alone, or with a partner that demonstrates the knowledge gained from your research on twins. • You can research whatever you would like: How twins are formed, why twins run in the family, what are conjoined twins, how common are conjoined twins, common appearances of conjoined twins, what causes conjoined twins to be joined at different places, etc.

  18. STEM Friday 4.5.2013 Bell Work Question of the Day: NONE

  19. STEM Today we will continue construction of our wooden softball launching catapults.