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Engagement Activity 4

Engagement Activity 4

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Engagement Activity 4

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  1. Engagement Activity 4 By: Christian Kupatt ECI 524

  2. The Related WorldBy:ConstanzaJaqueline Soto Lopez • This piece is interesting, as it shows how the cultures of the world are intermingling through the imagery of famous landmarks.

  3. Many Spots Make 1 WorldBy: Kelsi Fraser-Easton • This piece showed the world as a collection of spots on a Dalmatian, representing how the world is a collection of individual cultures that come together to make a greater whole.

  4. Bulgaria Is A Friend With All Nations in the WorldBy:DaianaEmilovaHadjiiska • This piece shows the friendship that countries should have towards each other, through the lens of Bulgaria where the student who drew this was from. On interesting piece is that there is a line connecting every person on the map, as if to suggest that everyone on the planet is connected just by existing.

  5. Save the EarthBy: Patricia Lan • This picture shows the world supported by multiracial hands, surrounded by endangered animals. This shows the student’s belief in defending endangered species around the globe.

  6. The Olympic spirit unites peopleBy: EmmanouilKopanezos • The piece shows the would through Olympic sporting events. This shows that the world can come together for a traditionally peaceful event, and that the world can be unified in their enjoyment of friendly competition.

  7. SolidarityBy: Julia Papp • This piece showed the world being supported by two hands of different races. This is to show the unity of the would, regardless of race.

  8. Globalization, the New Generation Has Arrived!By: Papp Adrienn • This piece shows a new, borderless world being delivered by a stroke, the traditional “where do babies come from answer.” This shows the student’s belief that a new globalized generation is going be less harmful to the world than previous generations have been.

  9. Save the EarthBy: AnkitaLamba • This work shows the world as adrift in a river, surrounded by problems that could sink it. This shows that the world is in danger by the problems in, but as long as we can navigate through the problems the world can prosper.

  10. Entire SystemBy: BenasTurskis • The student for this piece decided to show the world as a circulatory system, showing the world as dependent on each other to the extent that to remove part of the world would metaphorically kill the whole planet.

  11. We are Great Family, Take Care of Our HomeBy:AlicjaOgorzelska • This piece was interesting, as it shows the world as a collection of nation-states represented by their flag. At the same time, they are coming together to take care of their home, Earth, represented by the UN flag.