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Reawakening the Soul, Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery PowerPoint Presentation
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Reawakening the Soul, Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery

Reawakening the Soul, Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery

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Reawakening the Soul, Exploration Guidebook for Self-Discovery

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  1. SundaraFawn - Reawakening the Soul

  2. Reawaken Your Soul to Follow Your Bliss . . . Embark on a Magical Journey to Discover Your Self as Spirit!! Many of us feel the pressures and anxiety that plague us in our daily lives. We were taught to do whatever it takes to achieve material gain, believing that this would bring us happiness. Then one day, we wake up to realize that the goals we have pursued do not satisfy our souls. We feel unhappy, discontented and stressed. Our soul feels empty, lost and hungry for truth.

  3. Spiritual Malnutrition Humankind today is suffering from spiritual malnutrition. Many people are suffering from physical starvation, but millions in the world are suffering from spiritual starvation. There is enough food and resources on this planet to feed and house every person; however man’s spiritual poverty makes him grasp to selfishness, thereby preventing him from eliminating hunger and other forms of deprivation.

  4. Reawakening the Soul Reawakening the Soul offers Spiritual food, nourishment and vitamins for the soul through a self-empowerment program designed to improve and change ourselves; to realize our true purpose in life and to reach our highest spiritual potential. This program offers an opportunity to know ourselves in truth as the dynamic soul, made in the image of God and to awaken and unite our Self back to Spirit.

  5. Meet Sundara I’m Sundara Fawn, welcome to a NEW perception of Reality! I’m so glad you’re here to journey with me into “Knowing the Unknown” in this wondrous, magical place here on earth! I’m the creator of Reawakening the Soul, an innovative self-empowerment program designed to deepen your relationship with Spirit. This visionary art program is the result from over three decades of my own self-exploration, transformation, and divine dialog with God. It grew into helping many others now safely journey into the realization of their true Heroic Self as an Infinite Soul.

  6. Meet Sundara I have dedicated my to life to sharing divine truths through my creative endeavors and artistic gifts. As a disciple of Jesus and ParamahansaYogananda, woven within this program is experimental psychology, yoga philosophy, mysticism, and metaphysics. I’ve created a fun self-discovery masterpiece of self-awareness, and I invite you to embark on this wondrous journey with me into the treasure of your soul!

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