the good nation state n.
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The good nation state? PowerPoint Presentation
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The good nation state?

The good nation state?

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The good nation state?

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  1. The good nation state? • Why do scandinavians trust ”the state”? • Can citizens really ”control” the state and public authorities? • Is the there a future for the Northern Social Model?

  2. Is the Scandinavian civil socitey weakened? • The Popular Movements (PM) are an important part of the Civil Society. Many of the PM’s classical goals have been achieved. Decrease in the number of members in political parties and PM’s! But does this mean that we also are ”bowling alone” (Putnam)?

  3. Sweden and EU • Not more than ca 35 % of the swedes voted in the last elections to the EU-parliament. Why this lack of interest? • Is there a democratic deficit? How and by whom can it be handled?

  4. Reflections on the Financial Crisis • How does the financial crises affect civil society? • To whom are the banks turning? • How will the return of a strong state affect the relations between the state and c.s.? • Do we have a global civil society (GCS)? Examples! How does the GSC relate to other international forms of collaboration, i.e. the UN etc. Can the GSC make a change? Is it, or can it be democratic (in the North-Westerns sense)?

  5. Haiti, January, 2010 • Volontary organisations like the Red Cross, Medicíns sans frontiers, the churches etc (the Civil Society) are doing a fantastic job with fundraising (work in situ) for Haiti in Sweden (and, I guess, in many other countries). • Is this in some way controversial? Couldn’t the nation states foreign aid fix this? Or the super-powers that has interfered in Haitis’ development for two centuries? Or the UN?

  6. COP15 • Which role did the GSC play? • The importance of social media vs ”off-line activities? • How old are these kind of actions by the GSC? • Is there a move underway from the streets to cyber-space?