2 diseases in the respiratory system n.
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2 Diseases in the Respiratory System PowerPoint Presentation
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2 Diseases in the Respiratory System

2 Diseases in the Respiratory System

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2 Diseases in the Respiratory System

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  1. 2 Diseases in the Respiratory System Hend Elkatta 6th Grade Science Mrs. Cody

  2. Lung Cancer A disease in the Respiratory System is Lung Cancer. You can get lung cancer by smoking. It can do several bad things to you like chest pain and sometimes you can’t breathe well and it swells your face and neck and you will cough for the rest of your life (if you stop smoking it will probably go away.) & when you spit it will be the color red or even brown. You will get fevers randomly and also lung infections. Sometimes lung cancer can spread to other organs. It might cause a lot of pains like headaches & bleeding, or blood clots. This is why you shouldn’t smoke. That was a disease in the Respiratory System.

  3. Treatment for Lung Cancer • A treatment for lung cancer is cancer. You can have cancer to take the bad stuff outside of you. • Another treatment is surgery. You might have surgery to live because lung cancer can kill you.

  4. Lung Cancer The cancer first starts at your lung then your then to your chest then it goes to different organs in the body

  5. Asthma Another disease in the Respiratory system is Asthma. When someone has asthma, it can make breathing very difficult. And sometimes you can find yourself wheezing and coughing. Asthma is a disease because it can make it difficult to breathe. Sometimes exhaling leads to a asthma attack. The air we breathe is more clean than the air most of other people with asthma breathe. That’s another disease people have in the Respiratory System.

  6. Picture of Asthma

  7. Picture of Lung Cancer