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Clothing In Medieval Times By Pinar Kapkin PowerPoint Presentation
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Clothing In Medieval Times By Pinar Kapkin

Clothing In Medieval Times By Pinar Kapkin

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Clothing In Medieval Times By Pinar Kapkin

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  1. Clothing In Medieval TimesBy Pinar Kapkin

  2. Medieval Age Clothing What did most people wear in the medieval ages? • Most people in the medieval ages wore woolen clothing. • Rough wool and soft wool depended on how rich you are. • Underwear was made our of linen. • Underwear gets washed a lot. • Brighter colors representing richness. • Men usually wore jackets. • Women wore big gowns. • Women also wore big headwear in different shapes. • Headwear was shaped as hearts, butterflies, and other pretty things. • Women loved to show off.

  3. Medieval Clothing Do you know about the medieval clothing? • The medieval ages was 1100 years long. • Nobles loved fashion. • The nobles had money to buy fabrics. • Tailors made nobles clothing. • Poor peasants traded goods for their clothes. • Men and women wore the same clothing. • Men clothing was the shortest. • Hose were the main part of men and women fashion. • Outer clothes were washed barely. • Undergarments were washing more often!!

  4. Colors SendMessages What did colors of clothing have to do with society? Rich people had more colors to pick from. Poor people can only afford some colors. Pink was a very strong color. Pink was just a lighter color of red which sent the same message. Blue is gentle. Green was envy. Red is blood. White is pure. Purple was very expensive! Purple means royalty and fame. Colors meant a lot!!

  5. Fur and Jewelry How was the jewelry and fur in medieval ages? • Wealthy people wore so much better than the peasants in jewlery and fur. • Gem cutting was not invented in the medieval times sadly. • Gems were kind of edgy and not pretty. • Ring were the most popular. • Knights couldn’t wear rings. • Silver clothing was very wealthy. • Fur was very warm. • Richer had better fur which was soft and lined. • Poor people had rough fur, if they could afford it. • Jewelry was a big thing for the wealthy.

  6. Fabrics How was the fabric in the medieval ages? • The lord had the best silk fabrics. • Upper-class always had silk clothing. • Tailors made clothes. • Tailors were paid to make clothes for other people. • Merchants and nobles use to have similar clothing. • Both were confused by each other. • There was a law that said different clothes for different groups. • Purple silk was the finest.

  7. What Peasants Wore What exactly did the peasants wear? • Peasants work a lot! • They have to dress for the kind of activities they do. • Peasants mainly do farm work. • Their clothes are obviously not fancy. • Sheepskin fur was the cheapest. • Sheepskin was used for long strips of clothing. • Women and men wore shirts made out of rough materials. • The peasants wore cloaks sometimes. • On sunny days, peasants didn’t wear shoes. • On winter cold days, peasants wore clogs. • Clogs are heavy shoes.

  8. What Ladies Wore What did ladies wear in medieval ages? • Royal women wore bright clothes. • The women liked soft and colorful clothes if they could afford it. • Normally women wore woolen dresses. • The dresses were so long! • The sleeves of dresses touch the ground. • Cloaks usually had fur inside to keep warm. • Women liked the jeweled belts with their clothing. • Sewing stitches were bright on clothing. • Ladies wore expensive jewelry. • Women wore patterns on their shoes with wooden bottoms. • The patterned shoes were worn in mud. • They loved to show off.

  9. What Merchants Wore What did those merchant wear in medieval times? • Wore bulky clothes • Wore bright rich colors • Men had huge shoes. • Wore belts with purses attached • Tights when merchants were cold. • Baggy sleeves on their shirts. • Merchants are people who sell things to make money.

  10. What The Lord Wore What did the fine lord wear? • Shirts as underwear.. (gross..) • The shirt used as underwear is plain. • Underwear was not itchy!! (good thing) • Lord wore warm hose (tights) made out of wool. • Wears heavy gowns. • The gown is very baggy but tight around some areas. • Pointed leather shoes. • Weird hats with tails. • In cold weather wore thick fur. • Lord is of course very wealthy.

  11. Fashion • Was fashion really important? • Rich cared most about fashion. • Expensive and colorful. • Silk and satin better. • Wool was easier to get though! • Had heavy and lots of clothes. • Peasants could care less of how they look. • Clothes were super cheap. (wore anything they could get) • Wool was bad quality. • Expensive wool is lighter. • Cheap wool is heavy and rough. • Its hard to clean and not colorful. • Some peasants were lucky enough to get good quality wool.

  12. Pinar’s Awesome Quizzz.. Answering and true or false questions… #1-10 Use your notes!!

  13. 1.True or false.. Mens clothing was shorter.2.What is the meaning of purple?3.What is the meaning of green?4. Were there gem cutting?5.Who has the best clothes?6. What are clogs?7. How long were the sleeves of women's gowns?8. True or false… Merchants wore tights?9. what did most medieval people wear?10. True or false.. Peasants wore sheepskin..

  14. 1. True2. loyalty3. Envy4. Nope5. Lord6. Heavy shoes7. touched the ground8. True9. wool10. True