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S4 Examinations PowerPoint Presentation
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S4 Examinations

S4 Examinations

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S4 Examinations

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  1. S4 Examinations Mike Paul St Machar Academy

  2. What examinations do S4 pupils sit? • Standard Grades • National Qualification Exams Intermediate 2 Intermediate 1 Access 2/3 Leadership Award at Level 5

  3. SG and other courses

  4. The Certificate

  5. The Award Standard Grade • Grade 1 or 2 = Credit • Grade 3 or 4 = General • Grade 5 or 6 = Foundation • Grade 7 = Course completed Intermediate • Grades A, B or C = Pass • Grade D Access • Pass or fail only (no external exam)

  6. Level of Entry In Standard Grade candidates are entered at either: • Foundation/General Level or • General /Credit Level For National Qualifications candidates are entered at the appropriate level

  7. Prelims (or Estimate) Exams Practice of the exam situation Help set level of presentation The Prelims this session are from Monday 26th November to Wednesday 5th December (Monday 26th to Friday 30th November - pupils will be on Study Leave)

  8. Internal Assessment • Most pupils do best on this element • Must be completed on time • May involve practical work • Appears on certificate

  9. Preparing for the exam Personal Timetables - Every pupil will receive a personal timetable in late March which will show • all the exams which your son/daughter is sitting • the room number/venue of each exam Working towards the exam - timetable/programme of revision/preparation. Start now.

  10. Final Exam Friday 26th April – Wednesday 5th June 2013 Be prepared - the difference between levels often is determined by the preparation done out with school Ask for help - if there is anything you do not understand, ask your teachers for help

  11. On the day of the exam All pupils are expected to sit both papers i.e. General and Credit or Foundation and General Arrive early - late candidates may not be allowed into the exam

  12. In the exam Be organised - have all pencils, pens ruler, calculator and dictionary, if permitted Behave properly -bad behaviour cannot be allowed to affect other candidates opportunities. Answer all questions - you cannot be correct if you don’t answer the question Suspected malpractice - a candidate suspected of cheating in an exam may lose awards in all subjects

  13. Absence Illness - telephone the school as soon as possible - a medical certificate must be supplied within 2 days - evidence of performance sent to SQA

  14. Results Results will be sent to the home of candidates (and can be sent electronically) during the first week of August (still to be confirmed by SQA) The school is informed of all results. Results may affect courses selected in S5.

  15. Appeals Evidence - SQA require that schools provide evidence obtained under exam conditions - usually prelim and other tests. SQA issues a list of candidates for whom the school may appeal. SG Appeals notifies school towards end of October. New certificate in November

  16. S5/6 Choices In February, choice of S5 subjects. Not every combination of subjects will necessarily be available. Very small sections may not run Make choice on realistic but positive prospects of achievement