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Discovering Personal Genius

Discovering Personal Genius

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Discovering Personal Genius

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  1. Discovering Personal Genius Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC Special Thanks to Employment for All and Ellen Condon at the Rural Institute The Foundation for Customizing Employment Financial Support for The Texas Customized Self-Employment Project is provided by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, with Federal funds* made by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities. *($112,704) (78%) DD funds; ($32,019) (22%) non-federal resources

  2. Discovering Personal Genius • The Challenge: Create lasting, satisfying, person-directed, employment beyond the confines of traditional job development Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  3. Discovering Personal Genius:The Personal Assessment • Vocational Evaluation is not functional • Data taken in Segregated settings is false • Checklists do not offer a diversity of choice • Unpaid Work Experiences are often Stereotypical • Are you at your best when being tested, or rather when you are exploring familiar and/or new places, people & things? Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  4. Don’t think Job Descriptions; what business would be best; or Dream Jobs • Think: What are the Ideal Conditions of Employment Discovering Personal Genius Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  5. Discovering Personal Genius:Hanging Out With Intent (HOWI) • Assistance NOT Assessment • Inventory Real Environments • Do Not rely on data from Segregated Environments • One Place leads to Another; One Person Leads to Another (Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Professionals, Strangers) Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC; Steve Hall & Patty Cassidy

  6. Discovering Personal Genius:Hanging Out With Intent (HOWI) • Discovery is a structured Process • We are not here to ask “What job or business would be best?” • The more folks involved, the more diversity of activities & locations • The more activities & locations, the more diversity of thought • The best way to get a great idea is to get lots of ideas Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  7. Discovering Personal Genius • Activity • Align with someone in the room who you don’t know • Find out 3 things about them that aren’t obvious • Do this without asking any questions • Hint: Have a Conversation • Report Back Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  8. Discovering Personal Genius • Activity Debrief: • It’s hard to find out about someone without asking questions • Think Conversation, not Interrogation • It’s best to let the Environment guide our Discovery • If we “live into the answers” the chances of getting an acquiescent response is lessened Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC

  9. Discovering Personal Genius:What We’re Looking for: • The Ideal Conditions of Employment • Strengths, Interests, Supports, Contributions, Skills • Relationships that matter & that help us get lots of ideas Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC; Callahan; Condon; Crandell & Brooks

  10. Discovering Personal Genius:Developing a Plan • Discovery should lead to a solid Profile that captures the essence of the individual: • What Works & What Doesn’t (How will you know if things don’t work until you’ve tried them?) • Best Settings; Support Needs; Talents • What Home is like; Demonstrations of chores & hobby tasks, revealed Interests, the impact of disability…. • What other things we need to observe or investigate both formally & informally Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC; Callahan, Condon

  11. Discovering Personal Genius:Back to the Plan • The Three Vocational Themes • NOT Job Descriptions! • General and Flexible ( not auto mechanics; but, transportation) • List of 20 places where some task(s) is done that is included in the theme • Times 3 themes = 60 businesses • Do informational interviewing at each site Griffin-Hammis Associates, LLC