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History of MEDIA MARKT PowerPoint Presentation
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History of MEDIA MARKT

History of MEDIA MARKT

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History of MEDIA MARKT

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  1. History of MEDIA MARKT • Media Markt is a German chain of stores selling consumer electronics with numerous branches throughout Europe. It is Europe's largest retailer of consumer electronics. • Media Markt was founded by entrepreneurs Leopold Stiefel, Walter Gunz, Erich Kellerhals, and Helga Kellerhals. The first store opened on 29 November 1979 in Munich. • Today, it is owned by MediaSaturn Holding, which also owns the Saturn chain, which runs very similar stores. MediaSaturnHolding in turn is owned by the German retail company METRO AG. • After Germany, the company located in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Russia, China, and Turkey. • Media Markt'smainslogan "Ich bin doch nicht blöd" (I am not stupid)

  2. MEDIA MARKT’S POSITION IN ITS INDUSTRY • Media Markt has a big role in consumer technological store within huge competition with giant companies. Consumers can find easily world brandswith best service qualityandlower prices arein Media Markt. Almost 50000 employees work in more than 600 stores in different 15 countries. • Accordingtoorginal data in 2006; Media MarktGroup had 15,2 billioneurorevenueandtheywerefirst in europeandsecond in worldrelatedwithelectronicretailing market. • In 2007, the first store was opened in İstanbul – Umraniye in Turkey. After that, Eskişehir and Mersin followed the store. • In 2008, in İstanbulBeylikdüzü another store was opened. The same year 2 stores were opened in Ankara and again in İstanbulKozyatağı store was opened and in Bursa Nilüfer store was opened. • In2009, Adana Seyhan, İstanbulGüneşli 212, İstanbulMerter, Izmir, İstanbulPendikPendorya, Ankara Kentpark and İstanbulBeşiktaş stores were opened. • In 2010, lastly opened in Bursa as Anatolium store. Consequently, the number of store in Turkey reached to 16.

  3. TARGET MARKET • Since the Media Markt implemented the lowest price strategy, its target market is the whole people in the market. • There are different types of productions with high volume(over 50000 products can be found in the same roof ) such as DVD, cameras, home theatre, pc games, etc..This is the significant example of calling whole people by presenting different type products with different level prices.

  4. STRATEGIES • As mentioned before, Media Markt has huge variety-high quality products with the possible lowest price. • The company aim that, if you buy the lowest one, the pay gap will be charged to you. • Media Markt has a strange advertisment understanding, uses unfamiliar slogans.As communication tool the company apply billboards, inserts, visual and media advertisements and internet. • The sale of products offers a wide range of fields in MediaMarktStores.

  5. MEDIA MARKT SWOT ANALYS Strengths : • Strongfinancialstructure. • Productvariety. • Almost 50.000 employees work in more than 600 stores in different 15 countries. • Lowestpricestrategyeffectsnumber of costumerandfamous in the market. • MediaMarkt has greatimpactwithimpressiveopenings.

  6. Weaknesses: • Agressive advertisement campaign reacted in negative way in some places. • Duetoclass of theproductsthattheysell , theyhave to meet highercost ofcostumerservice. • Especially in Turkey, theiradvertising campaignscreatednegativeimpact.

  7. Threats: • Competitionincreasedwith other foreign chainsthatcoming to Turkey. • Media Markthas successful market entry strategy for the short termhowever, in mediumand longterm public relations havesameserious of risk. • Profitdecreasedbecause of competitors.

  8. Opportunities: • Electronic market has growed in Turkeywiththearrival of foreignbrands. • Changingconsumerhabitsaffectelectronic market in positiveway. • As a reflection of technological developments,product diversityincreased.

  9. Comparison with the competitors with regard to strategies MediaMarkt Competitors ( Bestbuy, Darty, Teknosa,Bimex,etc.) Lowestprice Productvariety Costumer service Somecompanieshavemoreexperience in local market • Lowestprice • Attractiveadvertisments • Productvariety • Costumer service • Wide range of fields

  10. GENERAL EVALUATION • Media Markt announced its own name and took the serious place in short time after entered to the Turkish market. • Consumers’ behaviours changed to the electronic devices. • By using lower price strategy, Media Markt aroused the technology market and technology market competition. • Althoughthe agressive advertising campaign understanding, Media Markt became one of the most selective technology retailer in Turkey( This agressive advertisement campaign may be reacted in negative way in some places so the company should behave more carefull about this topic.).