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Ms. Brandy Campbell PowerPoint Presentation
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Ms. Brandy Campbell

Ms. Brandy Campbell

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Ms. Brandy Campbell

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  1. Ms. Brandy Campbell Whitehead Road Elementary School 1st Grade Teacher

  2. Welcome • Welcome the students to First Grade

  3. FVSU About Me UGA • First year teacher here at Whitehead Road Elementary School • Earned a B.A. from Fort Valley State University in Family and Consumer Science (Infant and Child Development) • Earned an MEd from University of Georgia in Early Childhood Education

  4. Personal • Youngest of 3 kids-older brother and sister • I don’t have any kids • I have three dogs -Diva (Female Shiatsu) -Kennedy (Female Chinese Sharpie) -Blue (Female Blue Nose Pitbull

  5. Cont’d • Though I don’t have any kids of my own I do enjoy spending a lot of time with my niece and nephews. Ian Zaili Chandler

  6. Hobbies • Spending time with my family. • Singing • Traveling • Walking my dogs • Playing basketball • Reading • Shopping

  7. Family Matters: I love them so very much Granny Family reunion in Las Vegas Sister, Mom, Me Disney World Bahamas

  8. Ms. Brandy Fun Times with family, friends, students and co-workers My dog Diva, students and myself Myself, Ms. Jan and Mrs. Murray (both Kindergarten Teachers) Mrs. Colvil (Pre-K Teacher) and myself Halloween Party with students and family

  9. What I expect out of you as students! • Follow directions • Obey classroom rules • Respect one another • Participation • Always enter the room ready to learn:-)

  10. Classroom Rules • Raise your hand if you would like to talk. Don’t interrupt. • Always be a good listener to the teacher and the students. • Be respectful in the hallway-no running or talking loudly. • Be nice to others and treat them the way you want to be treated-remember the Golden Rule • IT’S ALL ABOUT RESEPCT -RESPECT others -RESPECT yourself -RESPECT our school

  11. Consequences for misbehavior/breaking rules • 1st Offense-Warning • 2nd Offense-Move Clip (from green to yellow or red) • 3rd Offense-Loss of Recess • 4th Offense-Call Principal/Parents

  12. Personal Note from me to you • I can be the meanest teacher or I can be the nicest teacher that you ever meet. Each and every one of you are special and unique. I am very grateful for this opportunity to be your teacher for this school year. Initially, I said that I didn’t have any children but I now have 20 children. I love each and every one of you and I look forward to a great year!

  13. Closing • I look forward to having a great year with such a beautiful group of first graders. We are like a family, as one. We will learn a lot this year so once you walk in the classroom, I expect you to turn your listening ears on and prepare your brain for learning. Coming to school everyday is very important to me unless you have a very good, acceptable excuse. But always remember and never forget “when you miss school you miss out.”

  14. My Motto: • “100 Years from now it won’t matter what my bank account was, the size of my house or the type of car I drive but the world may be different because I was IMPORTANT in the life of a CHILD.” -Unknown