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Be the change

Be the change

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Be the change

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  1. Be the change We’ve done so much over the last 2 years: anti-idling, gardening, walk to school initiatives, powering out, recycling, composting… This year we’re getting the whole school on board! But first, we need to find out what the school community wants with a survey. McMath Secondary’s Natural Club BC Green Games 2011

  2. We wanted the whole school to get onboard the green train!

  3. So we started a blog and created a survey

  4. Questions from our survey

  5. WE ASKED ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY BEHAVIOUR AND VALUES How often did people recycle? Did people know how recycling worked at the school? Were people familiar with the different types of composting? Should we have zero waste at the school (no garbage cans only recycling and composting or compost collecting?)

  6. Zero Waste Means NO GARBAGE

  7. We had celebrated our first harvest with our school garden this year How important was food security to our school? Was local eating a concern? Were people concerned with issues like childhood obesity?

  8. We asked about sustainable transportation This past year during Walk to School Week, we only allowed walkers, bikers, rollerbladers, and carpoolers into the school boulevard. We contacted staff, parents, and the RCMP and let our school neighbours know We had rewards for participants Traffic was down by 90% We continue with Walk to School Wednesdays.

  9. Was GREEN really the NEW BLACK?

  10. We promoted the survey Introducing it at the school’s OPEN HOUSE Spreading the word through email, Facebook, school departments, our blog, and the school web page.

  11. We hoped the survey would… Inform people about what the club was already doing especially recycling, green transportation, and gardening. Bring more people on board with their suggestions, assistance, know how, and energy!

  12. Here’s a sample of initial results for one question

  13. Our Sustainability Community is still growing

  14. “Be the change you want to see” –Gandhi We’re still trying to be the change. The data from the survey is very useful for our school goal and any future fundraising initiatives. We’ll know what the school wants now! Thanks to Natural Club members past and present, McMath teachers, staff, and parents, and the Richmond School District sustainability network. Thanks to the McMath Natural Club for photos and illustrations and BriKlassen, McMath grad., original soundtrack. Visit our blog at: