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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill PowerPoint Presentation
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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

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  1. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

  2. News Report This lesson you need to collect information on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to help you write your own news bulletin. Make sure you collect information on: • causes of the oil spill • consequences of the oil spill (try to classify them into social, economic and environmental) AND include as many facts and figures as possible.

  3. Why did the oil spill happen? • On 20 April 2010, eleven workers died following an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling rig, situated in deep water in the Gulf of Mexico, several hundred kilometres south of the coast of Mississippi and Alabama. • The explosion led to a number of leaks in a pipeline on the sea bed, around 1.5km below the surface. •

  4. How big was the oil spill?

  5. If it was in Huntingdon…

  6. Over 190 millions gallons of oil leaked into the gulf over the 3 months.

  7. How to stop an oil spill? None of these methods worked. Eventually on July 15 they managed to stop the oil by putting a cap over the leak then filling the pipe and oil reservoir with mud and cement.

  8. Economic Impacts • Cancellations of holidays affects tourism industry but hotels found an increase in the numbers of visitors due to visiting journalists/people dealing with oil spill problem. Impact of the oil spill on tourism would cost approx. $23bn over the next 3 years. • Housing market has also declined.

  9. Fishing industry lost approx. $2.5bn as fishing ban enforced.

  10. Social impacts • Chemicals from oil and dispersant believed to have caused illness including dizziness, vomiting and headaches for people working at the site and living along the coast. • Long term mental health effects could also be a problem.

  11. Environmental impacts • Oil slicks hit wildlife reserves along the Louisiana coast. • 400 different species of animals living in the area affected by the spill: 464 sea turtles and 60 dolphins were found dead. • Habitats lost as plants die. • Effects of the spill could last for decades

  12. The aftermath • Investigation into causes and management of oil spill by US government. • Clean up operation still continues. • BP have spent over $150 million promoting the area to tourists • $82 million has been given to the fishing industry to help them recover

  13. News report • In pairs you need to prepare a 2 minute news report on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. • You can base it at the time of the oil spill or look back on the oil spill from today. • Try to include as much information as possible including facts and figures. • You will present this next lesson and it will be peer assessed.

  14. Peer assessment