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Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus

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  1. Christopher Columbus Heading West to Explore the Far East

  2. I. Christoforo Columbo: The Early Years

  3. A. Born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. B. The son of a prosperous weaver and wool merchant, he was fascinated by stories of exploration.

  4. C. When he was in his early 20s he sailed on ships taking goods form the Mediterranean to England.

  5. D. In 1476 (Columbus was 25), Columbus’ ship was attacked by French pirates off the coast of Portugal. Columbus swam 6 miles on a wooden oar back to shore! God had great plans for him!

  6. French Pirates

  7. II. Education

  8. A. Studied for nine years with sailors and explorers. Columbus was able to speak 4 or 5 languages.

  9. B. He discovered the west winds; one must drop south to catch them.

  10. C. He knew the earth was round, but underestimated its size by 25%.

  11. D. Gold was the ultimate source of wealth in Columbus’ day.

  12. III. Could You Loan Me Three Ships, Please?

  13. A. Columbus wanted to sail West to get to India. Remember, Bart Dias had sailed around the southern tip of Africa in 1488.

  14. B. During the 1480’s Columbus contacted governments in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, and England…All turned him down.

  15. C. Finally, in 1488 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain said yes, but he would have to wait until their war with the Muslim Moors of Africa was over.

  16. D. January, 1492 the Moors surrender. The deal is officially signed between Columbus and Spain in April, 1492.

  17. Columbus will be admiral of the ocean seas. • He will be the governor of all newly discovered lands. • He will receive 10% of all the profit.

  18. What does all of THIS cost Spain? ZERO What do they have to gain if he is right about a new sea route to Asia? LOTS

  19. IV. Columbus: A Man Rich in Contradiction

  20. A. Was not highly educated, but loved learning.

  21. B. Was a man of God, he was very religious, but killed many.

  22. C. Sought the truth, but was a compulsive liar.

  23. V. The Voyage

  24. A. August 3, 1492 he leaves Spain with three ships: The Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

  25. B. 90 sailors, all males, ages 12-44.

  26. C. At sea for 33 days! (Never done before)

  27. D. Columbus keeps two logs, one is real- the other is a fake and is shown to the sailors to ease their anxiety.

  28. E. Lucky for them there is land between the coast of Western Europe and Asia.

  29. Two Continents!!!!!!!!!!

  30. VI. The Landing

  31. A. On October 9, 1492 (Day 30), the crew is near mutiny. Columbus promises roughly $10,000 to the first person who sites land. A sailor, Rodrigo sees hills two nights later. Columbus says that he saw the land first and keeps the money.

  32. Crow’s Nest Where Rodrigo Spotted Land

  33. B. He has landed in the Bahamas.

  34. Confused About Where He Is The problem is he thinks he is near India.* Tropics* Islands* Palm Trees* Tan Natives* Gold & Exotic Foods