the marine corps n.
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The Marine Corps. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Marine Corps.

The Marine Corps.

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The Marine Corps.

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  1. The Marine Corps. By Brandon Fehr

  2. Why I chose this I chose this because I want to learn more about them. I admire their courage and bravery. I admire their determination.

  3. What it Is The Marine Corps is a branch in the US armed forces. I started on November tenth, 1775. It’s first commander was Major Samuel Nicholas who was commander for eight years. The first successful mission was in the Revolutionary War. It was at the British Fort, Fort Nassau.

  4. First Leader Samuel Nicholas

  5. The First Blacks The first blacks joined in 1942.

  6. The First Woman The first woman in the Marines was Opha Mae Johnson. She joined in 1918

  7. First Marine to Earn Medal of Honor John Mackie

  8. Marine Logo

  9. First Black to Earn the Medal of Honor James Anderson Jr.

  10. Marines Headquarters The Pentagon

  11. One of Marines Greatest Triumphs Lifting flag in Iwo Japan encourages troops.

  12. The Marines Hymn From the Halls of MontezumaTo the shores of Tripoli,We will fight out country's battlesIn the air, on land and sea.First to fight for right and freedomAnd to keep our honor clean.We are proud to claim the titleOf United States Marine.Our flag's unfurl'd to ev'ry breezeFrom dawn to setting sunWe have fought in ev'ry clime and placeWhere we could take a gun.In the snow of far off northern lands,And in sunny tropic scenes,You will find us always on the job - The United States Marines.Here's health to you and to our corps,Which we are proud to serve;In many a strife we've fought for life,And never lost our nerve.If the Army and the NavyEver look on Heaven's scenes,They will find the streets are guardedBy United States Marines.

  13. The End Thanks for Watching