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Question 1

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Question 1

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  1. Question 1 Over several weeks in summer, the Austin area receives no rain and the temperature reaches over 100oF each day. What might happen to a wildflower in the greenbelt during these weeks? A. It will quickly grow new leaves and flowers. B. No changes will take in the plant. C. It will wilt and possibly die. D. It will release an odor to attract rabbits and squirrels.

  2. Question 2 What structure in a plant cell has the green pigment needed for photosynthesis? • Chloroplast • Cell Membrane • Cell Wall • Cytoplasm

  3. Question 3 The energy changes that take place during photosynthesis is…….. A. Heat energy is changed to chemical energy B. Radiant energy is changed to chemical energy C. Radiant energy is converted to nuclear energy D. Heat energy is converted to mechanical energy

  4. Question 4 When a seed is growing into a plant, its roots will grow down into the soil. This is a response to which external stimulus? A. Warmth of the soil B. Gravity C. Underground water D. Sunlight

  5. Question 5 A plant on your windowsill at home wilts due to loss of turgor pressure. What can you do to make the plant stand tall? • Move it to a warm spot. • Put it outside in the Sun. • Place it in a room with other plants. • Give it water.

  6. Question 6 A characteristic of plants is phototropism. What is phototropism? • A plant’s response to magnetism. • A plant’s response to light. • A plant’s response to gravity. • A plant’s response to sound. Hint: When you take a photo, you use a flash!

  7. Question 7 light energy 6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2 The illustration above is what happens as the result of photosynthesis. Which molecule represents chemical energy? A. CO2 C. O2 B. C6H12O6 D. H2O

  8. A plant has leaves that curl when touched. What type of tropism is the plant exhibiting? Negative geotropism Phototropism Electrotropism  Thigmotropism Question 8

  9. Question 9 A potted plant is moved to a location near an open window from which it gets its only light. What might happen to the plant over time? A. The plant will grow straight upward. B. The plant will begin to grow toward the window. C. The plant will grow away from the window. D. The plant will wilt and turn brown.

  10. Question 10 Why are plants important for animal life? • Animals enjoy eating plants but don’t need plants to survive. • Plants produce oxygen that animals need. • Plants produce chemical energy that animals get by eating the plants. D. Both B and C are correct.

  11. I can’t make my own food so what can I do to get food? Question 11 • I can grow chloroplasts in my cells so I can perform photosynthesis. • I must consume other organisms for food. • I can use sunlight and water to make food. • I can survive by drinking water and breathing oxygen.

  12. Question 12 Owls eat mice. Mice eat small insects and seeds. Insects eat leaves. Seeds and leaves grow on plants. Ultimately where does the energy that the owl receives from eating mice originate? • Insects • Mice • Plants • Coyotes

  13. Question 13 What is geotropism (also know as gravitropism)? • A plant’s response to radiation from the sun. • A plant’s response to gravity. • A plant’s response to water in the soil. • A plant’s response to the earth’s magnetic field.

  14. Question 16 Match definition to term: Autotroph Turgor Pressure Tropism Glucose • Complex molecule of sugar created in plants from water and carbon dioxide in chloroplast. • The response of plants to external and internal stimuli. • An organism that makes its own food. • The pressure in a plant cell as the result of the amount of water in the vacuole.