the buddhist monks n.
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The Buddhist monks PowerPoint Presentation
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The Buddhist monks

The Buddhist monks

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The Buddhist monks

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  1. The Buddhist monks By jayden greig

  2. What belief system/philosophy/background underpins the lifestyle of this community?

  3. What are the work and leisure pursuits of the members of this community? • They have charities and they produce books and have donations delivered from all around the world

  4. Describe the customs, traditions and practices which make this community unique There is meditation in which monks sit still in a position where there legs are cross and hands in your lap

  5. Describe and explain the members' rights and responsibilities within this community • vow taken by Theravada monks is essentially an embrace of the Three Jewels— Buddha, Dharma (Buddha's teachings), and the Sangha(the brother hood of monks) with the vow: "I take refuge in the Buddha, I take refuge in the law, I take refuge in the Community of monks." • The first five ascetics who became the first monks under The Buddha were joined by 55 others. They together with The Buddha are known as the 61 arhants. The were ordained by The Buddha by repeating the simple phrase: “Come monk; well-taught in the Dharma; fare the attainment of knowledge for making a complete anguish.” Others that came later were ordained after cutting their hair and beard, donning a robe and uttering three times: “I go to The Buddha for refuge, I go to Dharma for refuge, I go to the sangha for refuge.” This ritual remains the basis of the Theravada monk ordination process today. • Upon ordinations a monks is given robes (often three robes, an inner, lower and outer ones), and simple possession such as a cup, bowl, razor, filter (for keeping out insects out their drinking water), an alms bowl and an umbrella.

  6. Would you be attracted to join this community? Explain. • I personally would not because I am to close to my belongings and do not want to part with them far the rest of my life. I also don’t want to be bold.

  7. Do you think this community will continue for the next 10 years? 50 years? Explain. • I think there might be small pockets of monks in the world in 10-50 years for the main reason of not many people want to join them and the fact that they don’t earn a greater income