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Inversion Boots

Inversion Boots

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Inversion Boots

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  1. Inversion Boots Posture Corrector

  2. Using Inversion Boots to Cure Back Pain • Are you suffering from back pains? Have you tried so many medications and exercises to no avail? Why don’t you try inversion boots? These apparatus is a strapping device that allows you to hang upside down in a rack. Before you think that this is a crazy idea, please read on. Although this involves hanging yourself upside down, which is not an easy feat, there is quite a good explanation for doing this. Inversion boots relieves your back from the downward pull of gravity. • It is a common fact that many people are suffering from different states of back pain. People subject their backs from different stresses such as carrying heavy loads and bad posture from sitting in work eight hours a day. Aside from these, many people are overweight, which further aggravates the situation. Inversion boots can relieve your spine from the pressure.

  3. How does inversion boots help back pain?

  4. How does inversion boots help back pain? • Inversion boots are an apparatus that can help you place your body in line with the force of gravity. The spinal discs in your back are shock absorbers. They serve as cushions to your back and gives you flexibility. In one way or another, these spinal discs are misplaced or damaged due to bad posture, overweight or stresses. Inversion boots then will correct the misalignment and damage. Lying down which only relieves 75% of the pressure is not enough. Inversion is the best because it can relieve 100% pressure in your back. • Inversion speeds the flow of lymphatic fluids, which pushes out the wastes from the body and puts them to the blood stream. When wastes are cleared, fresh oxygen comes which relieves the stiffness and pain. It was even found out that 35% of the pain immediately vanishes just by taking the inverted position.

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