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  1. Inversion 倒装

  2. 1 changing the way we live save the earth. Only by can we known that air conditioners cause so much pollution never have bought one. 2 Had I I would Not until we know more will we 3 be able to improve the situation.

  3. Check your preview work: Try to give some inverted sentences you’ve met before.

  4. 倒装的分类(the types) • 常用的倒装句式( structures ) • 特殊情况 • 点击高考 (NMET) • 使用倒装句 • 倒装句鉴赏 Teaching steps

  5. 1.Under the tree sat a charming girl. 完全倒装: 直接将谓语置于主语之前 部分倒装 : 将助动词置于主语之前 2.Only in this way can you learn English well.

  6. Group discussion in four: study & generalize

  7. 1.副词倒装:在以here, there,out, in, up, down, away, 等表示方位的副词开头的句子里, 用完全倒装句。 1). There goes the bell. 2). Here comes the bus. 3). Out rushed the children. 4). In came the others. 5). Away went the boy. 6). Down fell a pile of plates. 注意:当主语是人称代词时,主语和谓语不能倒 装

  8. 1.Here , the book , you , want, is Here is the book you want. 2.the, away, bird , flew Away flew the bird. 3.the air, the rocket, Up, went, into. Up went the rocket into the air.

  9. 2.地点状语倒装:表示地点的介词短语置句首,2.地点状语倒装:表示地点的介词短语置句首, 用完全倒装。 1). On the floor were piles of books, magazines and newspapers. 2). Along the river banks stand rows of trees. 3). In a lecture hall of a university in England sits a professor. 4). Belowis a restaurant. 5). They arrived at a farmhouse, in front of which sata small boy.

  10. Now comes your turn to make up your own sentences! 3.限定倒装:only所修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句放在 句首时, 主句需要 部分倒装: 1).Only thendid I realize that I was wrong. 2). Onlyafter the meetingdid I know that air pollution causes almost three million deaths every year. 3). Onlywhen the war was stopped were Iraqi people able to live happily.

  11. 4. 否定倒装:含有否定意义的副词或连词,如 hardly, never, not, not only, little,seldom, rarely, hardly...when, no sooner...,than,not/no+ 其它成分(no longer, by no means, at no time, etc.)等,部分倒装 1). Never will I forget the day when I made a very important speech on the Earth Day Summit. 2). Not a single mistake did he make. 3). Hardly had I reached the bus stop when the bus started. 4). Not only is better education important for im proving ourselves but also for developing our society, 5). I can't see it anywhere. ---Nowhere can I see it.

  12. Correct the following sentences: 1.Never beforehas our motherland been as strong A B C as it is today. D 1.Never beforeour motherland has been as strong A B C as it is today. D 2. No sooner they hadheard the alarm than A B C they rushed to the fore spot. D 2. No sooner had theyheard the alarm than A B C they rushed to the fore spot. D 3.Nowhere else in England I haveseen that A B C kind of tree. 3.Nowhere else in England have Iseen that A B C kind of tree.

  13. Compare the two sentences: • Only when I had heard the story, • did I realize you were in danger. • 2. Not only did I hear about the elephant ,but also I saw one.

  14. 1.Not only ______ polluted but ______ crowded. A. was the city; were the streets B. the city was ; were the streets C. was the city ; the streets were D. the city was ; the streets were 2. Only ______as interpreter ____how important it was to practice speaking English. A. when did I work, I realized B. when did I work, did I realize C. when I work, did I realize D. when I worked, did I realize

  15. 5. 副词so/neither/nor放在句首,表示前面所说的情况也 适用于另一人(或物): 用部分倒装 so/neither/nor+助动词+主语 1). She is a tailor. So is her mother. 2). He has been to Beijing. So have I. 3). I saw the film last week. So did she. 4). I have never been there, neither has he. 5). The first one isn't good, neither is the second. 6). I didn't read the notice on the bulletin board, nor did he.

  16. Complete the following sentences: 1.They can leave now, ____________ (我们也能) 2.You can’t do it, ___________ (我也不能) 3. He didn’t see the film last night, _____________ (她也没看) 4.If you go there, so _____ I. so can we. nor can I . neither did she will

  17. Again comes your turn to make up sentences! 6.结构倒装:为加强语气,“so/ such … that”结构 中的such /so位于句首时用部分倒装。 1). So good was his English in one of these articles that Engels wrote him a letter and praised him for it. 2). So small was the mark that I could hardly see it. 3). Such a good teacher is she that all her courses are full.

  18. 7.虚拟倒装: 省略了if的虚拟条件从句: Should I… If I should … If I were… were I … If I had … Had I… 1). Were they here now, they could help us. 2). Had you come earlier, you would have met him. 3). Had Einstein cared much for money, he would have been very rich. 4). Should it rain, the crops would be saved.

  19. Rewrite the following sentences: • If you should run into John, tell him he owes • me some money. Should you run into John, tell him he owes me some money. 2. If you were to move your chair a bit to the left, we could all sit down. Were you to move your chair a bit to the left, we could all sit down. 3. If I had known you were coming, I would have stayed at home. Had I known you were coming, I would have stayed at home.

  20. 8让步倒装:though/although引导的让步状语从句可采用倒装形式,其句型为表语、副词、动词原形+as /though+主语+…单数名词前省去a/an,最高级前省去the。 1.Much as I admire him as a writer, I don’t like him as a man. 2.Try as they might ,they couldn’t get out of the trouble. 3. Though he is a child, he knows a lot. Child as he is ,he knows a lot.

  21. 完全倒装 1 Here comes the bus. 1 Only… 2 Never/not/little… 3 So/neither/nor+… 4 So/Such…that… 5 If…省略 6 as引导让步倒装 2 In front of the house sat a boy. 倒装 部分倒装

  22. Which sentence is right? • Away he went. ( ) • Away went he.( ) • 2.Only I know what an elephant is like.( ) • Only do I know what an elephant is like.( ) 在away,here 放在句首这一类倒装中, 主语是人称代词,主语和谓语的语序不变 Only后是主语,则不用倒装

  23. 3.Not only the students but the teachers wish for a holiday. ( ) Not only do the students but the teachers wish for a holiday. ( ) 4."It was cold yesterday." "So it was!“ ( ) “So was it!” ( ) not only …but also 连接主语时,不用倒装。 如果是对上文表示同意,so 放在句首也无需 颠倒语序。

  24. Let's have a competition 点击高考

  25. 1.Only when___ over ___ to his hometown. (NMET春季) A was the war did the young soldier return B. was the war the young solider returned C. the war was did the young soldier return D. the war was the young soldier did return 2._____ can you expect to get a pay rise. (NMET春季) A. With hard work B. Although work hard C. Only with hard work D. Now that he works hard

  26. 3.Not until _______in the river ______ how serious the pollution was. (NMET) A. did all the fish die; the villagers realized B. all the fish died; did the villagers realize C. did all the fish die; did the villagers realize D. all the fish died; the villagers realized 4.After that we never saw her again , nor _____ from her. (NMET) A. had we heard B. we heard C. did we hear D. we have heard

  27. 5.Little ______ about his own safety, though he was in danger himself. (上海) A. does he care B. did he care C. he care D. he cared 6.Not a single song ____ at yesterday’s party.(2000) A. she song B. sang she C. did she sing D. she did ding

  28. 7.___ got into the room __ the telephone rang. A. Hardly had he, than (NMET ) B. Hardly had he;when C. He had not, than D. Not had he, when 8.---David has made great progress recently. ---_____, and ________. A. So he has ; so you have B. So he has; so have you C. So has he ; so have you D. So has he; so you have.

  29. 我的朋友Tom是一个内向且乐于助人的人。 1.Tom is a friend of mine. 2.I have many friends, and Tom is one of them. 3.Several years have passed since I said good-bye to my friend Tom. 4.Have you ever heard of Tom, the quiet but lovely boy? He is a friend of mine. Well begun is half done 5.Never before have I met so quiet a boy as Tom, my friend. 6.Quiet as he is, he never hesitates to help others. He is my friend Tom.

  30. Learn to use inverted sentences 在我居住地附近有一座著名的寺庙,寺庙的墙壁上有很多图画展示着那时人们是如何生活的。寺庙有很大的艺术价值。然而我很担心因为一些图画正在被毁坏源于人类的空气污染。 where temple picture which show how however because damage come from

  31. Enjoy the passage and find the inverted sentence Njoy Near where I live there is a famous temple. On the walls of the temple are many pictures, which show us how people at that time lived. The temple has great artistic value. However, I am worried about it because some of the pictures are being damaged by air pollution, which comes from human beings.

  32. Thank you!