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Inversion Exercises PowerPoint Presentation
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Inversion Exercises

Inversion Exercises

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Inversion Exercises

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  1. Inversion Exercises 福清侨中 陈柳菁

  2. 强 化 练 习1 _____the plane. A Down flying B Down was flying C Down flew D Flew down 2 Under a big tree ____,half asleep. A did sat a fat man B a fat man sat C did a fat man sat D sat a fat man C D

  3. 3 _____and caught the mouse. A Up the cat jumped B The cat up jumped C Up jumped the cat D Jumped up the cat 4. ------Where is your father? -------Oh,_______. A here he comes B he here comes C here does he come D here comes he C A

  4. 5____in which they had came to the island. A Nearby were two canoes B Nearby two canoes were C Were two canoes nearby D Two canoes nearby were 6. The door opened and there ____. A enters an old man B entered an old man C did an old man enter D an old man entered A B

  5. 7. She plays the piano very well._________. A So every one of us does B Every one of us does C So does every one of us D So do every one of us 8. Never _____such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. A are hanging B had I seen C I have seen D have I seen C D

  6. D 9. Not only ____a promise, but also he kept it. A has he made B does he make C he made D did he make 10. Not until he got off the bus _____that he had got his wallet stolen. A he found B did he find C he had found D had he found 11 Only in this way _____progress in your English. A you make B can you make C you be able to make D will you able to make B B

  7. 12. Little ___ when I took the trip and ___ did my brother. A have I known; so B had I know;neither C do I know; so D did I know; neither 13. Was it not ___ you arrived at his house __ you discovered that he was on holiday? A when; that B until; did C until; that D when;did 14. So little ___ about mathematics that the lecture was completely beyond me. A I know B did I know C do I know D I know D C B

  8. B 15. Many a time __ to see me while __ in hospital. A did he come; was I B did he come; I was C he came; was I D he was; I was 16 Now and then ___ up to see what happened. A did he wake B he wake C he wakes D he did wake 17. She is not fond of cooking,____ I. A so am B nor am C neither do I D nor do 18. Early in the morning __ the news ____ the Chinese Team defeated the Japanese Team. A comes; what B. came; that C comes; that D came; what A B B

  9. C 19. At the foot of the mountain_____. A lie a beautiful lake B does a beautiful lake lie C lies a beautiful lake D do a beautiful lake lie 20. At no time ___ his personal interest first. A should a communist place B. a communist should place C a communist place D does a communist place A

  10. 21. On the wall ______two large portraits. A are hanging B hanged C hang D hangs 22.Not once ______their plan. A did they change B they changed C changed they D they did changed 23.I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in my life ____so happy! (NMET2000春季) A.did I feel B.I felt C.I had felt D.had I felt ! C A D

  11. B 24.Little ___about his own safety,though he was in great danger himself.(上海1994) A. does he care B. did he care C. he cares D. he cared 25.Not only ______ polluted but ______ crowded.(上海1991) A.was the city;were the streets B.the city was;were the streets C.was the city;the streets were D.the city was;the streets were C

  12. 26.______ for the free tickets,I would not have gone to the films so often.(上海1995) A.If it is not B.Were it not C.Had it not been D.If they were not 27.So ______ that no fish can live in it.(上海1992) A.the lake is shallow B.shallow the lake is C.shallow is the lake the lake shallow 28. Not a single song ____at yesterday’s party.(上海2000) A.she sang B. sang she C. did she sing D. she did sing C C C

  13. B 29My brother had a cold last week, _________.       A. so had I                B. so did I        C. I had so                D. so I had30. Not until _________ home __________ his parents had been ill for three days.       A. he got; he knew            B. did he get; he knew       C. he got; did he know        D. did he get; did he know31. In hardly any situation ________ find her sad.       A. that you can          B. that can you       C. you can                 D. can you32. Be quick! _________.       A. The bus comes here       B. Here comes the bus       C. The bus here comes       D. Here is the bus coming C D B

  14. C 33.In ________ and the lesson began.       A. the teacher came   B. the teacher coming       C. came the teacher   D. did the teacher come34. On the wall _________ two large portraits.       A. hangs                   B. hang      C. hanged                 D. hanging35. --- Do you know Jim quarreled with his brother?  --- I don’t know, _________.       A. nor don’t I care          B. nor do I care       C. I don’t care neither   D. neither don’t I care36. Only when _________ how important it is to master English.       A. did I work I realized          B. I worked did I realize       C. did I work did I realize       D. I worked I realized B B B

  15. B 37_______ in the darkness that he did not dare to move an inch.       A. So frightened he was       B. So frightened was he       C. He was frightened so       D. So he was frightened38. _______, she is still as strong as you.       A. As old she is          B. Old as she is       C. As she is old         D. As old is she B