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Student Recognition

Student Recognition

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Student Recognition

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  1. Student Recognition

  2. All State Academic Team • All State Academic Team Sponsor • 26 student-athletes recognized each year • Member schools can nominate one boy and one girl • Applications are posted online through the Schools Center and will be available in early December

  3. All State Academic Team Banquet • All-State Academic Team Banquet • April 18th • DoubleTree Hotel, Bloomington

  4. Scholastic RecognitionCertificate Program • Recognizes students who in the classroom while participating in IHSA sponsored sports or activities • The student must currently be a junior or senior in an IHSA member school. • The student must have completed at least one full season in an IHSA interscholastic activity in good standing. • The student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, or the equivalent on an alternate scale, after the 5th or 7th semester. Each member school principal or official representative should notify the IHSA office in writing as to the number of eligible students they have in their school. The IHSA will send member schools a certificate of recognition for each eligible student.

  5. IHSA Team Academic Achievement Award Submission • When one of your qualifying teams achieves a 3.0 grade point average for their entire season, a representative at your school will simply have the sport and year engraved on the plate and attached to the plaque. A seasonal report will be submitted to the IHSA informing the IHSA on the number of teams recognized during each season. • 1st and 2nd Quarter Grades: All Fall Sports/Activities - January 15th • 2nd and 3rd Quarter Grades: All Winter Sports/Activities -April 15 • 3rd and 4th Quarter Grades- June 30

  6. Student Advisory Committee (SAC) • The SAC is a diverse group of students who participate in interscholastic athletics/activities and are focused on providing education and leadership through open and honest communication with all member school students, administrators and coaches. The committee serves as a liaison between students, administrators, the IHSA Staff and Board of Directors. The Student Advisory Committee promotes the ideals of the IHSA, including leadership, sportsmanship and integrity.

  7. SAC Nomination Process • Any IHSA member school Administrator may nominate a freshman and/or sophomore male and female to be a member of the IHSA Student Advisory Committee. • There is no limit to the number of students nominated from a school but no more than one student from a school will serve on the committee at a time. Nomination forms can be found online by clicking on the Advisory Committee page link followed by Student Advisory Committee.

  8. Non-School Competition Participation Request IHSA By-law 3.101 IHSA Policy #15

  9. Non-School Competition Request • IHSA By-law 3.101 prohibits a student from participating on a non-school team or in non-school competition in the sport or any skill of a sport at the time the student is a member of a school team in that same sport. During the school term, special permission may be granted to permit a student to compete in a non-school event during the school season in competitions which are directly sanctioned by the national governing body for the sport or its official Illinois affiliate. No student may participate in more than three (3) approved non-school competitions during a sports season.

  10. Non-School Competition Request • A request must be faxed to the IHSA Office no later than ten (10) days prior to the date of any competition. • Verification from the National Governing Body for that sport or its official Illinois affiliate indicating it is directly sanctioning the event is required with the fax. • No student may participate in more than three (3) approved non-school competitions. during a sports season.

  11. Official National Governing Bodies as it pertains to By-law 3.101. • Badminton-USA Badminton • Baseball-USA Baseball • Basketball-USA Basketball (USAB) • Bowling-USA Bowling • Diving-United States Diving, Inc. (USD) • Golf-United States Golf Association (USGA) • Gymnastics-USA Gymnastics • Soccer-United States Soccer Federation (USSF) • Softball-USA Softball • Swimming-United States Swimming, Inc. (USS) • Tennis-United States Tennis Association (USTA) • Track & Field-USA Track & Field (USATF) • Triathlon-USA Triathlon Association • Volleyball-USA Volleyball (USAV) • Water Polo-United States Water Polo, Inc. (USWP) • Wrestling-USA Wrestling

  12. Non-School Competition Request

  13. Sanctioning Policy 8 pg. 92

  14. Sanctioning Philosophy • Sanctioning enhances the likelihood that events will adhere to sound and detailed criteria which meets the specific requirements of a state association. • Sanctioning serves to promote sound regulation of the conditions under which students and teams compete. • Sanctioning is a means of encouraging well-managed rules and regulations. • Sanctioning adds an element of “due diligence” that encourages compliance with state associations’ rules and regulations. • Sanctioning protects the welfare of the student-athletes.

  15. Sanctioning Philosophy • Sanctioning helps reduce the abuses of excessive competition. • Sanctioning promotes uniformity in obtaining approval for events. • Sanctioning helps protect students from exploitation. • Interstate and International sanctioning at the NFHS level promotes financial transparency and equivalency of treatment of participating high schools.

  16. Events that require Formal Sanctioning include: a) Any interstate event involving two (2) or more schools which is co-sponsored by or titled in the name of an organization outside the high school community (e.g., a university, a theme park, and an athletic shoe/apparel company). b) Non-bordering events if five (5) or more states are involved.c) Non-bordering events if more than eight (8) schools are involved. d) Any event involving two (2) or more schools that involves a team from a foreign country. The host school should complete the international sanction application. (The exceptions to this rule are Canada and Mexico, which are considered bordering states).

  17. NFHS Process

  18. What is the “host school” and its role? • The host school is the school who assumes the accountability of the being responsible for the event. • The host school’s principal assumes oversight responsibility for the event by being either present onsite during the event, either in person or by designee.

  19. FAQ’s • Can a host school be responsible for an event outside of that state (e.g. Illinois high school signing off as the host school for a Florida event) ? • No, it is NFHS board policy, that the host school shall be in the same state of the event in the event something occurs at the event, then the principal or his/her designee could quickly assess and report the situation.

  20. Sanctioning Process • Applications must be completed 60 days prior to the event start date. • The initial list of schools must be submitted upon application • The final list of schools must be submitted 20 days prior to the contest • Host states must then approve the event • Participating states must approve the event • NFHS approves the event

  21. Host State Approval

  22. Sanctioning Fees • $100 if the application is received 60 days or more prior to the event date • $200 if application is received 15-59 days prior to the event date ($100 application fee plus $100 penalty) • $200 penalty if the application is received less than 15 days prior the event date plus an additional $100 penalty for not forwarding the list of actual entries 20 days prior to the event date for a total of $300 ($100 application fee plus $200 penalty) • $300 penalty if the application is received less than 15 days prior the event date plus an additional $100 penalty for not forwarding the list of actual entries 20 days prior to the event date for a total of $600 ($200 application fee plus $400 penalty fees)

  23. Resources • Other School Forms