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  4. AMARISSA ARROYA • GRADE 9 • 3.16 GPA • “Amarissa comes into class every day prepared, ready to work, but also have fun. She is an enjoyable student to have in my classroom.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  5. JESSICA CALVILLO • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Jessica is one of the brightest, hardest-working, most thorough, most conscientious students you will find.” Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  6. ALEXIS CASTELLANOS • GRADE 9 • 3.83 GPA • “Alexis has a great work ethic, attitude, and works hard in her classes. Alexis completes her work with accuracy and submits it on time.” Mr. Jones, Nominating Teacher

  7. RUBEN CROSNO • GRADE 9 • 3.7 GPA • “Respected, admired, Cadet Crosno will be a leader and influence others around him in a positive manner.” SgtMaj Fullard, Nominating Teacher

  8. HANNAH DELAFUENTE • GRADE 9 • 3.5 GPA • “Hannah has a great work ethic, attitude, and works hard in her classes and on the soccer field. Hannah always completes her work with accuracy and submits it on time.” Mr. Jones, Nominating Teacher

  9. FERMIN ESTRADA • GRADE 9 • 3.57 GPA • “Cadet Estrada has found his mark as a cadet and a member of the marksmanship team!” SgtMaj Fullard, Nominating Teacher

  10. LIZBETH ESTRADA ROCHA • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Lizbeth is an intelligent, multi-talented, and dedicated student. She’s involved with many demanding “teams,” from Clarion to choir to ROTC to sports, and she bounces from one activity to another with energy and enthusiasm and competence.” Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  11. MATTHEW GARCIA • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Even with all the extra-curricular activities, Matt manages to stay ahead of the curve with a strong GPA and work ethic. Plus, he’s got those Garcia genes, which means one day he will likely inherit the orange shades.” • . -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  12. DAISY GONZALEZ • GRADE 9 • 3.83 GPA • “Daisy has a great work ethic, always completing her work with accuracy and submitting it on time. Daisy works well with her fellow students and helps when they are struggling.” Mr. Jones, Nominating Teacher

  13. MIGUEL GUERRA GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Miguel Guerra is a model student and person; friendly prepared and a quality worker. He makes projects fun for himself.” -Mr. Cox, Nominating Teacher

  14. DANIELLE LOUIE • GRADE 9 • 3.42 GPA • “Accurate and precise she will hit the mark in all future endeavors.” SgtMaj Fullard, Nominating Teacher

  15. LORENA PEREZ • GRADE 9 • 2.8 GPA • “Lorena is a responsible, punctual, and respectful student. She actively participates in class activities and discussions. She is highly interested in improving her Spanish skills.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  16. EMMA SOTO • GRADE 9 • 3.0 GPA • “Cadet Soto is the epitome of the prototypical leader in the making.” SgtMaj Fullard, Nominating Teacher


  18. ARIEL AVALOS GRADE 10 3.6 GPA “Ariel is optimistic and always gives her best. She has been working very hard in my AP class.” -Mr. Lane, Nominating Teacher

  19. BIBIANA CHAVEZ GRADE 10 3.78 GPA “Bibiana has a positive attitude in class. She is responsible and actively participates in class discussions. She is always on time and prepared to start the class.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  20. DANYELLE DELEON GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Danyelle is a fantastic example of what all high school kids should strive to be!” -Mr. Rempel, Nominating Teacher

  21. SKYE EDWARDS • GRADE 10 • 4.0 GPA • “Skye is an exceptional role model for other studnets to follow. She takes her education very seriously and is hardworking, positive, and strives to do her best at all times. Way to go Skye!” -Mr. Gann, Nominating Teacher

  22. IEESHA GOMEZ • GRADE 10 • 3.83 GPA • “Iesha faces adversity with sheer determination and focus. It is a pleasure to have her be part of our AVID program.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  23. LUIS FERNANDO LOPEZ GOPAR GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “His overall improvement in ALL in classes has been amazing! He works hard in my class, always has a smile on his face, great attitude and so incredibly athletic. I also have Luis in my intervention period. He is doing a fantastic job and I know he is capable of amazing things.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  24. ANEET GREWAL GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Aneet comes to class everyday with a positive attitude and can-do demeanor. Her extra-curricular activities are off the chart as she, “DROPS THE BASE!” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  25. ROSA JARQUIN GRADE 10 3.5 GPA “Many students are hesitant to approach their instructors, and I am so glad Rosa is confident to ask for assistance from me when she needs it. I love that she will take the extra time at lunch to work on assignments because it shows her determination to succeed.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  26. PAVIN JOHNSON GRADE 10 3.83 GPA “Pavin has shown a great commitment to his academics, always striving to achieve the highest standards possible.” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  27. GISELL MORALES • GRADE 0 • 3.7 GPA • “Gisell is a wonderful student and person. I thoroughly enjoy having her in class.” Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  28. JOHNNY PLATAS • GRADE 10 • 3.7 GPA • “Johnny’s work ethic and intelligence is something to be admired. He is very humble and deserves recognition.” Mr. Leedy, Nominating Teacher


  30. JESSICA COLIN GRADE 11 3.8 GPA “Jessica is a wonderful student and person. She is very smart and has a nice, gentle spirit.” -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  31. MEGAN FLORES GRADE 11 3.67 GPA “If all students were like Megan, teaching would be the easiest job on earth!” -Mr. Rempel, Nominating Teacher

  32. DEYSI GARCIA GRADE 11 3.8 GPA “Deysi is one of the hardest working students I have this year. She cares deeply about her grades, and I appreciate her work ethic.” -Mrs. Saponara, Nominating Teacher

  33. SABRINA GODINEZ GRADE 11 3.17 GPA “Sabrina has started to realize her outstanding abilities as a student. Recently, the quality of her writing has elevated to another level. She is challenging herself on every assignment, which has led to excellent work on a daily basis.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  34. CIERRA JONES GRADE 11 3.0 GPA “Cierra has always been a dedicated student, but she is now really beginning to apply the skills we practice on a daily basis. Her performance in all aspects of class has improved and her leadership skills have become apparent as her confidence grows.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  35. ELIZA (GABBY) MORENO • GRADE 11 • 3.5 GPA • “Eliza is my TA 2nd period and I can always count on her to complete any task I give her. She is helpful, friendly, and mature!” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  36. RAMNEET PANNU GRADE 11 4.5 GPA “Ramneet is an excellent student who doesn’t only want to do well; she is truly interested in learning.” -Mr. Johnson, Nominating Teacher

  37. JOHN (RICKY) QUIROZ GRADE 11 4.0 GPA “Ricky has a great attitude in class and is always willing to help his fellow classmates.” -Mr. Lane, Nominating Teacher

  38. PAUL THOMAS GRADE 11 3.42 GPA “Paul obviously has very high expectations for himself, and I know his determination in his pursuit of excellence is going to take him to great lengths in his future.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher


  40. CHRISTIAN ASCENCIO HERNANDEZ • GRADE 12 • 3.0 GPA • “Christian comes to class every day with a smile and a positive attitude. He is a wonderful role model for the rest of the class.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  41. ANGEL BASURTO GRADE 12 4.0 GPA “Angel has a strong desire to perform at his best and never breaks under pressure. That being said, the assets Angel maintains will allow him to excel in his future relationships, college, the workforce and beyond.” -Mr. Alcoser, Nominating Teacher

  42. VICTORIA CISNEROS GRADE 12 4.3 GPA “Tori has the top grade in my two AP Government classes. If you take a moment to consider who her competition is that is a wonderful achievement.” -Mr. Johnson, Nominating Teacher

  43. VIANEY ESPINO • GRADE 12 • 3.67 GPA • “Vianey is serious about her education. She wants to be successful, and she will take the necessary steps to achieve it.” Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  44. HERMAN MARTINEZ GRADE 12 4.0 GPA “Even though the curriculum is challenging and, at times, not the highlight of his day, Herman has stayed strong and committed to keeping on the right path than settling for less than his best. I truly appreciate his continued effort to engage in the ER WC curriculum and realize its value to his future aspirations.” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  45. ALYSSA SOSA GRADE 12 3.8 GPA “Alyssa is the dream student. Works hard, great attitude & always wanting to get better!” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher


  47. -FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH -STEPHANIE ALMAGUER FEBRUARY 2014 • SENIOR • 3.33 GPA • SPORT: SOCCER   “Stephanie was the glue that held our team together.” ”  -Coach Flores

  48. -MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH -RAY TORRESFEBRUARY 2014 • JUNIOR • 4.0 GPA • SPORT: SOCCER • 5 goals; 4 assists in 3 games “Ray is a hard worker and a silent leader, he comes everyday ready to put his work in and never complains.”   -Coach Norman