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  4. MARTHA ARAGON • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Martha is a delight to have in class. She takes her class work seriously and is focused and eager to learn.” -Ms. Sanchez, Nominating Teacher

  5. PREET BAINS GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Preet is a super student! He is courteous, smart, and attentive at all times.” -Mrs. Lewis, Nominating Teacher

  6. JASMEET BRAR GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Jasmeet is a wonderful student who is always on time and prepared for class. She greets me every morning with a smile on her face and a warm welcome.” -Mrs. Ramming, Nominating Teacher

  7. AMBER CARO • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Amber is responsible and actively participates in class. She has a positive attitude.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  8. ALEXIS HEREDIA GRADE 9 3.67 GPA “Alexis is a very bright young woman with a vibrant personality to match. She is always respectful, works very well with others, and gives her best every day.” -Mrs. Silva , Nominating Teacher

  9. DIANA LOPEZ GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Diana’s character is highlighted by a focused desire to learn, a questioning mind, and a palate of interests that span many talents.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  10. NOEMI PEREZ ALEJO • GRADE 9 • 3.67 GPA • “Noemi is hard-working and always has a positive attitude. She is always willing and ready to help the students around her, and I know that if I’m in need of a peer tutor, I can always count on her.” -Miss Wall, Nominating Teacher

  11. SUSAN RAMIREZ GRADE 9 3.33 GPA “Susan is one of three Ramirez’s in three years that I’ve had the pleasure to be in class. She is always ready to work and ask questions, helpful to her group, and knows how to get things done!” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  12. VINCENTE ROQUE GRADE 9 3.67 GPA “Vincente has an amazing vocabulary and has continued to further his knowledge by challenging himself in the classroom. He has a maturity about him that commands respect and admiration from his classmates and allows him to achieve highly in all that we do.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  13. ZACHARY SHORT GRADE 9 3.33 GPA “Zachary has been quietly working hard to improve his academics and I’m very proud of what he’s achieved in the past few weeks.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  14. GISELLE TORRES GRADE 9 3.2 GPA “Giselle has a competitive attitude and is always ready to play in PE. She is encouraging to others and cares about her grades.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  15. GABRIELLA VIVEROS GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Gabby’s enthusiasm to learn is very refreshing to see. She helps motivate her other classmates.” -Ms. Saponara, Nominating Teacher


  17. DIANA CASTELLANOS GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Diana has the highest percentage out of two classes of sophomores. She gives athletics and academics her best shot!” -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  18. ELIZABETH CENDEJAS • GRADE 10 • 3.67 GPA • “Elizabeth’s positive and pleasurable attitude epitomize her as a model student who is eager to learn and share her growth with others.” -Sgt. Maj. Fullard, Nominating Teacher

  19. JOANNA DE LOS SANTOS GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Joanna always comes to class with a good attitude and a smile. She brings out the best in others just by being herself.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  20. URIEL GOMEZA BARON GRADE 10 2.5 GPA “Uriel always has a smile on his face and follows directions promptly. He encourages others to dance and volunteers whenever necessary.” -Mrs. Plaza, Nominating Teacher

  21. STEPHANIE GUZMAN GRADE 10 “Stepanie understands the relevance of learning history and constantly works to the best of her ability to understand more.” I was so proud of Stephanie because she was one of the only students who scored proficient on her practice CAHSEE.” -Mr. Leedy, Nominating Teacher -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  22. EFRAIN JIMENEZ GRADE 10 3.66 GPA “Efrain is a student who comes into class focused and ready to learn. He always does his best in class and takes his education seriously.” -Ms. Sanchez, Nominating Teacher

  23. AMANDEEP KAUR GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Amy is always responding in Spanish, which I love!!!” -Mrs. Quintanilla, Nominating Teacher

  24. RAMNEET PANNU GRADE 10 4.17 GPA “Ramneet strives to be the best she can be.” “Ramneet sets high standards for herself that will guarantee success in her future academic endeavors. She represents SHS in a positive manner.” -Mr. Lane, Nominating Teacher -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  25. JOSE RAMIREZ HERNANDEZ GRADE 10 3.6 GPA “Jose’s dedication and desire to learn and improve his English are admirable. His kind and helpful nature make him a role model in the class.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  26. MAXIMILIANO RIOS RUIZ GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Maximiliano is responsible, respectful, and punctual in class. He is a positive influence for others in class. -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  27. ISRAEL VALENTIN BENIGNO GRADE 10 3.6 GPA “Israel is an exemplary student who is achieving so much academically. He strives to improve his English fluency everyday. I am very impressed with how much he has accomplished in all his classes.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  28. SHELBY ZARATE GRADE 10 3.66 GPA “Shelby is my ideal student. Her positive attitude and willingness to try new things impress me on a daily basis.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher


  30. PRISCILLA ALVARADO GRADE 11 3.33 GPA “Priscilla is always very friendly, and I appreciate her hard work in my class.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  31. ABEL DOMINICK BARAJAS GRADE 11 3.17 GPA “Dominick is a role model student athlete. He represents the Selma High football in a positive way on and off the field.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  32. DIANA BOLANOS GRADE 11 3.67 GPA “Diana has made an impressive comeback in Math this year, earning over 103%! Her perseverance and desire to succeed are model for all of us!” “Diana is a hard-worker outside and inside the classroom. She has a positive attitude and it rubs off on other students.” -Mr. Highbaugh, Nominating Teacher -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  33. VICTORIA CISNEROS GRADE 11 4.33 GPA “Tori’s inquiring mind and admirable work-ethic are matched only by positive attitude.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  34. GISELL HERNANDEZ GRADE 11 4.17 GPA “She is so determined to succeed and so steady in her resolve to create and learn but never appears in a hurry. She is relaxed and positive.” -Mr. Cox, Nominating Teacher

  35. VANESSA LOPEZ GRADE 11 3.67 GPA “Vanessa is a very hard-working trustworthy student who not only tries her best but modivates others to do the same.” -Ms. Luviano, Nominating Teacher

  36. CHRISTINA LOUIE GRADE 11 4.0 GPA “Christina has a great personality and attitude that’s contagious. I am privileged to have her in my class.” -Mr. Lane, Nominating Teacher

  37. KYANNAH MILLS GRADE 11 3.33 GPA “Kyannah is a special individual. She has a rare combination of work ethic, natural leadership ability, and a humble politeness about her that together complete one of the most dynamic students I have ever taught.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  38. ALYSSA MORENO GRADE 11 3.86 GPA “Alyssa is an incredible student/person. She goes above and beyond the call of duty academically and extra-curricularly. -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  39. ANGELICA MORALES GUERRERO GRADE 11 3.1 GPA “She has a great attitude and works well with others.” -Mrs. Morfin, Nominating Teacher

  40. OLGA RAMBLAS GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Put simply, Olga is brilliant.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  41. RAFAELA RAMIREZ GRADE 11 3.16 GPA “Rafaela is one of my best students in EL2. She is intelligent, caring, and helpful. She brings her positive attitude and willingness to learn something new everyday.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  42. AMARJOT SINGH GRADE 11 4.2 GPA “Amarjot is a diligent and hard-working student. He always has a positive attitude and challenges himself daily in Spanish class.” -Mrs. Vazquez, Nominating Teacher


  44. JASLEEN ALMONTE GRADE 12 3.1 GPA “Jasleen is one of the most enthusiastic students in my class. She is determined to excel academically. Her joyfulness is contagious, and when she becomes a teacher her students will benefit from her positive outlook and friendly personality.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  45. JOSE APOLINAR GRADE 12 4.0 GPA “Jose is a role model AVID student. He is taking two AP Classes working on applying for scholarships and universities and keeping his grades up. I admire his focus and drive.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  46. HEIDDY ARELLANO • GRADE 12 • 3.33 GPA • “Heiddy is very enthusiastic in class and is a role model to others. She follows directions promptly and has a positive class attitude.” -Mrs. Plaza, Nominating Teacher

  47. CORA FLUKER • GRADE 12 • 3.33 GPA • “Cora is a great role model for her peers. She is a very self motivated student and her positive attitude is contagious.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  48. ROSIE GARCIA • GRADE 12 • 3.33 GPA • “Rosie is a great asset to Link Crew and she genuinely cares for all students. She is willing to help the 9th graders and share things that she has learned about school and life.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  49. ROBERTO GOMEZ • GRADE 12 • 2.5 GPA • “’It’s not your position that matters, but where you’re moving too.’ Robert is doing an EXCELLENT job, has a great attitude, and is a great example of a student pursuing success.” -Mr. Ramming, Nominating Teacher

  50. MARIA MACIAS • GRADE 12 • 3.6 GPA • “She is a patient, caring, and helpful young lady who has excellent citizenship. Maria is willing to tutor students during lunch time.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher