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  4. JACOB ALATORRE • GRADE 9 • 3.17 GPA • “Jacob came out to PE ready to work out from day one . He has an outgoing attitude that allows him to get along with everyone; he is a positive asset to my freshmen PE class!” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  5. KAYLA BALLEW GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Kayla is very outgoing and is so much fun to have in my classroom. She helps out in various ways and has also shown that she wants to start her 9th grade year by doing well in her classes.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  6. JASMEET BRAR GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Jasmeet is earning the highest score in her Spanish 1 class! She is a delightful student who is always eager to learn.” -Ms. Vasquez, Nominating Teacher

  7. AMBER CARO • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Amber has the highest grade in Geometry at this point. She earned a perfect score on the first test!.” -Mr. Highbaugh, Nominating Teacher

  8. MARCUS CORTEZ GRADE 9 3.0 GPA “Marcus is a very hardworking, respectful young man. He comes in each morning with a smile on his face, and he willingly participates in all class discussions.” -Mrs. Silva , Nominating Teacher

  9. HEMAN GILL GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Good going, Heman! Keep up the good work and continue to make your teachers proud!” -Mr. Gann, Nominating Teacher

  10. MEGAN HENSLEE • GRADE 9 • 3.83 GPA • “Megan is not only an excellent student, her positive attitude actually enhances the learning environment of the class.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  11. GURLEEN KAUR GRADE 9 3.66 GPA “Gurleen has shown that she is dedicated to her studies. She not only completes assignments but she answers questions with attention to detail.” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  12. GURMAN MANN GRADE 9 3.83 GPA “Gary is a responsible and intelligent student who always completes his homework thoroughly and on time. He is also always willing to share and participate in the class with a positive attitude.” -Miss Wall, Nominating Teacher

  13. SUSAN RAMIREZ GRADE 9 2.33 GPA “Susan has performed well on all classroom tasks thus far. She has also demonstrated the kind of leadership and maturity that will allow her to be not only successful in this class, but in the future.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  14. CAMBRIA SCOTT GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Cambria kicked butt on my last test, proving that she can handle anything that comes her way. She always has a smile on her face and LOVES being in my class sixth period!” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher


  16. GISELLE CORONA GRADE 10 3.33 GPA “Giselle’s enthusiasm for learning Spanish is contagious. She is doing a wonderful job in Spanish.” -Mrs. Lewis, Nominating Teacher

  17. JEANETTE GARNICA • GRADE 10 • 3.67 GPA • “Jeanette comes to class every day with a smile and a little sass. Although she sometimes forgets her last name, she is a hardworking student who brings her best.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  18. RAMNEET PANNU GRADE 10 4.17 GPA “Ramneet is a model student. She is responsible, driven and truly enjoys learning and helping others.” -Mrs. Carrasco, Nominating Teacher

  19. MAXIMILIANO RIOS RUIZ GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Max comes to class prepared, focused, and with a positive attitude. He is a hard worker that inspires me to be a better teacher!” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  20. ROSALBA RUIZ GRADE 10 3.5 GPA “Rosalba is responsible and actively participates in class. She has a positive attitude.” “Rosalba has a desire to learn and improve in her English speaking skills. She is polite and respctful to everyone around her.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  21. MICHAEL SALINAS GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Michael always gives 110% in class. He has a great attitude and he is fun to be around.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  22. LESLIE TINAJERO GRADE 10 4.17 GPA “Leslie has shown exemplary skills in Algebra 2. Her 104.64% is the highest in all of my Algebra 2 Classes at this point.” -Mr. Highbaugh, Nominating Teacher

  23. CYNTHIA URIETA GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Cynthia takes academics very seriously. She works hard to do her best, and it certainly shows.” -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  24. MEGAN WELLS GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Megan’s great work ethic and ability to take a proactive stance toward her education will lead her to a great future. She’s worthy of emulation by her peers!” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  25. SHELBY ZARATE GRADE 10 3.5 GPA “I really appreciate Shelby’s dedication and hard work in my classroom.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher


  27. TARYN ARAKI GRADE 11 4.33 GPA “Taryn is one of Selma High School’s most talented and well-rounded students, achieving at high levels with humility and grace.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  28. JESUS FRUTIS GRADE 11 4.0 GPA “Jesus comes to class prepared and with a positive attitude. I can always count on him to be on task and to help others.” -Mrs. Carrasco, Nominating Teacher

  29. RICKI GARCIA GRADE 11 3.67 GPA “Ricki is a teen mom who presently has the highest percentage out of both of my junior classes. She is self-motivated and very disciplined.” -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  30. GISELL HERNANDEZ GRADE 11 4.167 GPA “Gisell has really made an effort to improve her already strong writing skills. She is determined to be successful in college and is working to get the most out of this class.” -Mr. Machnik, Nominating Teacher

  31. JANEE MARTINEZ GRADE 11 2.5 GPA “I really appreciate all of Janee’s active participation in a class full of very quiet students.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  32. ELIDA MEDRANO GRADE 11 2.83 GPA “Elida is such a hard worker who truly cares about her education. She balances being involved in extracurricular activities and focusing on her school work.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  33. ROGASIANO MORALES GRADE 11 3.5 GPA “Rogasiano is responsible, respectful and punctual in class. He is a positive influence for others in class.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  34. STEPHANIE TOSTE GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Stephanie has been there to support Creative Writing Circle from day one. She puts words into actions and has taken it upon herself to check in with the advisor to see how she can help.” -Ms. Sickler, Nominating Teacher

  35. HORACIO VALLE GRADE 11 2.67 GPA “You can’t ask for a better upperclassman. He gets work done, does well on assessments and is helpful to his group.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher


  37. MITCHELL BANUELOS GRADE 12 3.5 GPA “Mitchell has shown dedication to class. He currently has the highest grade in my class and has demonstrated that he is responsible, hard-working, and intelligent.” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  38. KANE COOPER GRADE 12 3.67 GPA “Kane is a very determined, hardworking, and polite young man. He walks into class with a smile on his face everyday, and he is always willing to help his peers.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  39. MARIA GARCIA • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “Maria has a very admirable desire to succeed. She came here from Mexico for a better educational opportunity, and she will be successful!” -Mrs. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  40. MIKAYLA GRIJALVA • GRADE 12 • 3.14 GPA • “Mikayla’s positive attitude makes me want to be a better person and work harder. She is easy going and works hard at the same time!” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  41. MIREYA GUZMAN ALVAREZ • GRADE 12 • 3.67 GPA • “Mireya works hard to accomplish her goal of going to a four year university. She is focused, determined, and is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow classmates!” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  42. SIERRA HARO • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “Sierra is a leader in class. She is dedicated, focused, hardworking and pleasant young lady who expresses herself well. She will be an excellent teacher one day.” Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  43. DONTE McDANIEL • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “Donte is intelligent, responsible and driven to succeed. I am honored to have Donte in AP chemistry.” Mrs. Carrasco, Nominating Teacher

  44. SAMANTHA QUINONEZ • GRADE 12 • 3.83 GPA • “Samantha is always on task and going beyond what I expect her to do.” Mr. Fedele, Nominating Teacher

  45. GABRIELA RODRIGUEZ • GRADE 12 • 2.5 GPA • “Gabby works so hard in class and she is an incredible athlete. Her smile always brightens my day.” Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  46. KRISTI SANCHEZ • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “If a lesson is moving too fast, Kristi is not afraid to ask for help or for her teacher to slow down. I love that about her!” Mrs. Quintanilla, Nominating Teacher

  47. JACOB SINGLETERRY • GRADE 12 • 4.29 GPA • “A consumate professional who has been an inspiration to the community and the school district. He leads from the front while never forgetting those in need.” 1st Sgt. Romero & Sgt. Maj Fullard

  48. KAREN VASQUEZ • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “Karen is an excellent role model for Selma High School. She exemplifies how sacrifice and hard work are rewarded in education.” Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher


  50. -MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH -JONATHAN PLAZASEPTEMBER 2012 • SENIOR • 3.85 GPA • SPORT: WATERPOLO • Position: Center • Leading Scorer • “Jon has a great attitude and work ethic. He’s always smiling and willing to work hard. He wants the ball every time, and doesn’t back down. He’s fun to watch in the pool.” -Coach Wood