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  4. ROGELIO ALVAREZ • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Rogi is respectful, a hard worker, and is an extremely productive member of my classroom.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  5. MARTHA ARAGON CRUZ • GRADE 9 • 3.5 GPA • “She always does what is asked of her to the very best of her ability, and she is always willing to help other students who are struggling or in need of help.” -Ms. Wall, Nominating Teacher

  6. PREET BAINS GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “I know great things await Preet in the future. He is special! He has an easy-going personality, an amazing mind, and he is inquisitive. He is the whole package!” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  7. JONATHAN CABRERA GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Jonathan is a very conscientious student with a strong work ethic and excellent citizenship. He is also very helpful and courteous to others.” -Mr. Jones, Nominating Teacher

  8. JERI DIAZ • GRADE 9 • 3.1 GPA • “What I like about Jeri is that she always has a smile on her face and she is always willing to try her best. She is a great student to have in class.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  9. SKYE EDWARDS GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Skye has a positive attitude everyday in Spanish class. I appreciate her daily participation and hard work!” -Ms. Vasquez , Nominating Teacher

  10. RUDY GIL GONZALEZ GRADE 9 3.16 GPA “Rudy is a role model PE student who makes teaching fun. He is competitive, self-motivates, and encourages others to reach their potentials too.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  11. ROSA JARQUIN • GRADE 9 • 3.83 GPA • “Rosa is an excellent student. She is very motivated to be successful, and she takes it upon herself to make sure that she keeps up with all of her classes.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  12. JOSHUA LEWIS GRADE 9 3.33 GPA “He is a very responsible and helpful student. He is never bothered by other students, but instead chooses to help them in any way that he can.” -Miss Wall, Nominating Teacher

  13. BRIANA MORALES GRADE 9 3.33 GPA “She started in my Algebra 1 class and transferred into Geometry almost 3 weeks into the school year. She had to make up assignments, notes and tests; and she worked very hard to do so.” -Miss Wall, Nominating Teacher

  14. CAMBRIA SCOTT GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Cambria= Considerate, Cheerful, Clever!. She works very hard in all she does and is a model student.” -Mr. Gann, Nominating Teacher

  15. AVINDER SINGH GRADE 9 3.0 GPA “Avinder is an inspiration. I have never met a student so focused on finding success despite barriers.” -Ms. Sickler, Nominating Teacher

  16. MARICRUZ URIBE GARCIA GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Maricruz is a wonderful student and always has a positive attitude. She is a delight to have in class and she works very hard.” -Mr. Ramming, Nominating Teacher


  18. DEANNA CARRILLO GRADE 10 3.83 GPA “Though very quiet, Deanna is an outstanding math student! I appreciate her great attitude and caring spirit.” -Mr. Highbaugh, Nominating Teacher

  19. JOANNA DE LOS SANTOS • GRADE 10 • 2.67 GPA • “Joanna is always willing to assist me and her classmates during a lesson. She has a very positive attitude and outlook on life. Her work is always excellent and I truly enjoy being her teacher.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  20. STEPHANIE GUZMAN GRADE 10 3.83 GPA “Stephanie has a very positive attitude in class. She is responsible and actively participates in class discussions.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  21. SOCHILTH HERNANDEZ GRADE 10 3.0 GPA “Sochilth is a wonderful young lady with a tremendous work ethic and caring heart. She is determined to succeed in all her classes, and I am confident that she will fulfill her potential.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher

  22. ASHLEY MOVSESIAN GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Ashley is a student for other Selma High students to emulate, and she is a great asset to any classroom. Her presence is a positive element to English Honors 2.” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  23. NAOMI OCHOA GRADE 10 2.83 GPA “I appreciate all of her focus and participation in my classroom. I really enjoy having Naomi in my class!” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  24. RAMNEET PANNU GRADE 10 4.17 GPA “Ramneet= Responsible + Respectful + Remarkable. She always works hard in every class and puts her best effort in my class.” -Mr. Gann, Nominating Teacher

  25. AARON PULIDO GRADE 10 3.33 GPA “I never have to worry about Aaron being on task. He is responsible, a team player, and always has a great attitude.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  26. JOHN QUIROZ GRADE 10 3.5 GPA “Determined and dedicated, this cadet has the banner of the MCJROTC and will carry it forward.” -Sgt. Maj. Fullard & 1st Sgt. Romero, Nominating Teachers

  27. EDUARDO ROJAS MORALES GRADE 10 2.67 GPA “Eduardo is a great student. He is always eager to learn and do well despite difficulties with the language. It is a pleasure to have him in my class.” -Mr. Ramming, Nominating Teacher

  28. AGRIPINO SALAZAR MARTINEZ GRADE 10 3.33 GPA “Paco gives 110% in class on a daily basis. He has a fantastic attitude and is very respectful to me and his classmates. I love his competiveness and desire to improve in everything he tries!” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  29. MANVINDER SINGH GRADE 10 2.67 GPA “Manny does a lot of great work in class, helping members of his group and even helping after school. There may be some sleepy eyes, but it’s nothing a little catch can’t fix. He’s been doing great work!” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  30. JESUS TINAJERO LOPEZ GRADE 10 3.33 GPA “Jesus is always hardworking, polite, and self-motivated. He is eager to learn and help out other students as well as his teachers. He is an exemplary student with a wonderful attitude.” -Mrs. Reed, Nominating Teacher


  32. MARCUS AREVALO GRADE 11 2.83 GPA “If you need someone to lead the charge for an exciting day, no Junior is better than Marcus. Plus, he wears two watches. Hipster!” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  33. ALIZA CAMBUNGA GRADE 11 4.0 GPA “Aliza gives it her best shot academically and athletically. She is a wonderful person who is capable of great things.” -Ms. Harris, Nominating Teacher

  34. DESIREE CISNEROS GRADE 11 3.16 GPA “Desiree is a hard worker with a fantastic attitude. I love having her in class.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  35. JORDAN FATTAH GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “I had Jordan as a freshmen, and I can see that he has matured into a bright and intelligent young man.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  36. DAVID FLORES GRADE 11 3.0 GPA “David has a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn.” -Mrs. Saponara, Nominating Teacher

  37. PATRICIA MARQUEZ GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Patricia is a great student! Besides showing exemplary behavior in class, she is superb at analyzing literature.” -Mrs. Lewis, Nominating Teacher

  38. KYANNAH MILLS GRADE 11 3.33 GPA “Kyannah is an outstanding student who accomplishes all required tasks in a timely manner. She is also willing to help her classmates as needed. She is the ultimate team player!” -Mrs. Chambers, Nominating Teacher

  39. RALPH PENA GRADE 11 3.33 GPA “Ralph is a dynamic student and I am privileged to have him in my class.” -Mr. Lane, Nominating Teacher

  40. ELIZEBETH SALAZAR GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “A solid performer with a solid future as a cadet, student, and future leader of the community.” -Sgt. Maj. Fullard & 1st Sgt. Romero, Nominating Teachers

  41. ANDREA VERA GRADE 11 3.0 GPA “Andrea started with an “F” in my PE class but cared enough to get her grade up to a “B”. I am proud of her effort and determination.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher


  43. MARISSA CABELLO GRADE 12 3.17 GPA ”Marissa’s care and craftsmanship are only exceeded by her vision and imagination. A work ethic second to none.” -Mr. Cox, Nominating Teacher

  44. AZALIA CORREA GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Azalia is a great addition to Link Crew, and she is willing to go the extra mile to help out 9th graders. She has a great attitude and I enjoy having her in class.” “Azalia is the definition of an AVID student. She is determined to go to college, be successful in her coursework, and help others rise to their best too.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  45. MARIA GARCIA • GRADE 12 • 3.83 GPA • “Maria is responsible and actively participates in class. She is a positive influence for others.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  46. ERENDIRA HERNANDEZ • GRADE 12 • 4.14GPA • “Erendira= Efficient + Enthusiastic + Extraordinary. She is a very hard worker in my class and is always kind, caring and respectful. She is an excellent role model.” -Mr. Gann, Nominating Teacher

  47. MARTHA MARTINEZ MENDOZA • GRADE 12 • 3.67 GPA • “Gabby is a joy to have in class! She always walks into class with a smile on her face, and she is always willing to help her classmates.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  48. ALEXANDRA MILLER • GRADE 12 • 4.5 GPA • “Ally is a joy to have in class! AP Biology is an intense course that requires students to learn and apply many difficult concepts. Ally has done an incredible job learning and applying these concepts. I appreciate her hard work and effort.”” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  49. KEANU MORIN • GRADE 12 • 3.83 GPA • “I appreciate Keanu’s willingness to put forth the best effort in academics and sports in an everyday event. That kind of commitment will always result in positive endings” -Mr. Moz, Nominating Teacher

  50. KRISTIE SANCHEZ • GRADE 12 • 3.83 GPA • “Kristie is a very hardworking and dependable student. She always gets right to work and I know I can always count on her to fo her best on everything that’s asked of her.” -Ms. Luviano, Nominating Teacher