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Group Element

Group Element

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Group Element

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  1. Group Element MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) Hand out the MSD CD’s

  2. Define MSD • Musculoskeletal Disorders are injuries and disorders of muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones resulting mainly from exposure to force, posture and repetition. • MSD can be the result of a one time event (eg strain) or develop over time.

  3. 3 Major factors of MSD’s • High Force (eg excessive gripping) • High Frequency (repetition) • Awkward or Static Posture (reaching, bending)

  4. Examples of MSD’s • Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain) • Tendonitis (repetitive strain) • Low Back Strain (improper or over lifting) • Neck Strain (poor posture, work station setup) • Rotator Cuff Syndrome (repetitive motion) • Tennis Elbow (repetitive motion) • Flat Feet (Concrete floors, poor foot support)

  5. Different grouping within MSD • RSI’s- Repetitive strain injuries • RMI’s- Repetitive motion injuries • CTD’s- Cumulative trauma disorders • OOS – Occupational overuse syndrome • Soft tissue disorder • Sprains and strains

  6. Examples of Possible Office MSD Triggers

  7. Example of Possible Plant MSD Triggers • Assembly Line Work (without job rotation) • Hard Surfaces • Poor Footwear • Heavy Hand Tools • Job Position (arms over head, bent over) • Excessive Force Required (continually)

  8. Why has MSD been chosen as the group element? • Over 40 % of all WSIB claims are MSD • Average MSD claim cost is $9,200.00 • Estimated cost to a company: $27,600.00 per injury • Question to ask your upper management • How much in gross sales would you need to sell to make $27,600.00 in profit • To pay for 1 MSD injury

  9. MOL and WSIB • Because of the costs and the overall number of claims associated to MSD’s, the MOL and WSIB are spending a lot of time money training inspectors and specialist to recognize and help reduce MSD’s

  10. Ontario Employer Costs • Between 1996 -2004 WSIB approved more than 382,000 MSD lost time claims • Between 1996 -2004 Ontario’s employers paid more than $12 Billion in direct (injured employee costs) and indirect (overtime, admin) costs related to MSD’s

  11. The affects outside work • MSD’s are not just a workplace injury • With home computers, video games, sports and other repetitive actives which we perform at home, MSD’s can develop from daily functions at home or at work or a combination of the two. • So, applying the same solutions to your home environment as we do (or plan to do) at work, we can reduce the events which may lead to MSD’s

  12. Work Vs Home • MSD’s can be caused by activities we do at home • MSD’s can be caused by activities we do at work • MSD’s can be a combination of both • If it can be proven, at minimal, that a present MSD is aggravated by work functions, it becomes a work related injury. • Thus the huge cost associated with MSD claims

  13. MSD’s and Quality of Life • MSD’s for a large percentage are nagging discomforts which may limit certain daily activities. • MSD’s are not visible injuries, which are difficult to diagnose and often raise suspicions (warranted or not), as to the severity of the injury, by employers and co- workers, which in return can cause workplace tension. • Extreme MSD’s require surgery, which is in most cases performed to relieve some of the pain, but in not all. • But in all cases MSD’s restrict movements, length of time of an activity and cause discomfort, pain, which can reduce your quality of life.

  14. Return to Work Program • If your company has not completed the Return to Work Policy / Program element, you have just been given a second group element which must be completed as a WSIB mandate. • WHY? • 2008 Safety Group WSIB plans on breaking down the RTW program into separate elements (modified work, job specific physical demands)

  15. Breaking down the MSD Element • Elements which directly impact MSD’s • Job Safety Analysis (breakdown of the safety hazards for each specific job task within the workplace) • Ergonomics (plant and office) • PPE / Dress Code (boots, anti-vibration gloves) • Job rotation • Job Specific Tools

  16. MSD Policy • Creating an MSD policy sounds like an enormous task, but you must remember that a policy and procedure are two different things. • A policy states your criteria, your boundaries, and your intentions. • Whereas a procedure or procedures are the means to achieve your policy.

  17. MSD Policy • Like confined space, the starting point for a MSD Policy could be: We QRS Inc. will conduct an assessment to determine high MSD risk job tasks. • Why? • How do you validate one job from another as to MSD risk, unless there is assessment criteria and documentation. • An excellent tool if already completed for a MSD assessment, is Job Position Physical Demand Analysis • Once assessed we will target the high risk jobs, blah, blah, blah

  18. Watch the Video • What in the video could cause an MSD? • Video Test

  19. Presentation End • Questions? • Comments? • Concerns? •