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Detroit Graveyards

Detroit Graveyards

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Detroit Graveyards

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  1. Detroit Graveyards By: Lauren, Olivia, Daniel and Max A Cyberfair Project

  2. History of Graveyards in Detroit The History of Detroit graveyards have changed by tradition. Back then in the late to mid-1800’s, traditions were very different. Ways of burial like open and closed casket have changed. Closed casket was less common then. Cremation is now more common. Cemeteries in Detroit used to have more politically involved people like mayors and governors. The traditions of drive by funerals have not been done are still done. And because of the economy, cremations and funerals prices have gone up by 150$-200$. The casket itself is about 1,000$ to 2,000$. But funerals are still a beautiful scenery to memorialize a loved one that died.

  3. Map with Locations Woodlawn Mount Elliot Elmwood Butler The oldest non-religious cemetery in Detroit The most haunted cemetery in Detroit • Woodmere The largest cemetery in metro Detroit

  4. Mt. Elliott Past and Present • Past • Present

  5. Wood Lawn Past and Present Past Present

  6. Elmwood Past and Present Past Present

  7. Woodmere Past and Present Past Present

  8. Butler Past Present

  9. How Have they Changed Cemeteries have changed in many ways over the years. Today the prices to host this expensive event can cost over 2,000$. Sure some may be fancier for richer or more important people, but it is still the sad loss of a loved one. The families mourning process have changed also. In the early/mid 1900’s the families would put a black wreath on the front door. The daughters would wear a black ribbon in their hair instead of a pink bow for several days. And at the funeral itself, the men and the boys would wear a black outfit and the women and girls would wear a black dress or skirt.

  10. Conclusion Funerals and cemeteries have changed at lot over the years. But today they still are a beautiful scenery and are very sustainable. We predict that Cemeteries will never go out of business because people will continue to die. We hope that locals will respect and learn more about cemeteries and their history, to keep the business going. And that Detroit can go back to the beautiful city that it once was.

  11. Credits • Google images • Created by: Olivia, Lauren, Max and Daniel