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  1. Vampires can be chased away with garlic. Werewolves can be taken down with a silver bullet. A Priest is able to cast out a Demon. None of this works with Zombies. They can not be reasoned with. Any one can become a zombie. Scared yet? You should be! This will help. ZOMBIES!!!!

  2. Zombies- The Facts • The life span of the average zombie is around 2.34 years • The average zombie can eat up to 8 pounds of brains a day. • Zombies are dead and very stiff due to rigor mortis. • Zombies are very heterogeneous but shared characteristics are: • Drool • Vacant stare • Missing body parts • Ouzzy liquids • Torn clothes • Rotting flesh

  3. Zombies from History • Zombies can be traced back to around bc.2700 in the tale of Gilgamesh. • The “Golem” of Prague was “created” to protect the Jews of Prague. They didn’t realize what they did… • Frankenstein’s monster was the first (recorded) “patch-work” zombie. However… Frankenstein’s monster was not a true zombie. He retained too much humanity.

  4. Different types of zombies The Recently Dead Zombie (RDZ) • Hard to spot • Physical trauma • Drool • Mostly intact clothes • May look relatively normal • Loss of bladder control • Pale, but flesh tone, skin • Human like movements The Exhumed Corpse Zombie (ECZ) • Advanced decomposition • Dressed well (in burial clothes) • Skeletal build • Dry, cracked skin • Ill tempered • Show moving • Most likely to attack in hordes

  5. More types of zombies The Demonic Zombie • Red or Yellow eyes • Extra long tongue • Claws • Distorted face • Must be destroyed by fire • May take your soul • These are the zombies that when a hand is severed it will still move. Mad Scientist Zombie (Type A) • Neck bolts • Pale skin • May take up to 347 feet of stitches to assemble • It takes the same amount of energy to light the Vegas strip for two nights • Destroyed best by fire

  6. Even More Zombies Mad Scientist Zombie (Type B) • Highly contagious • Dressed in loincloths or less • Lazy and disoriented • Large scar • Poor stitching • Best killed by fire Government Experiment Zombie • Clean-cup • Physically fit • Pale, grey skin • Expressionless • Military garb • Best killed by head trauma • Will be slowed by cold

  7. Still MORE Zombies Voodoo Zombie • Not dead, usually poisoned • Susceptible to suggestion • Ingesting meat or salt will wake them up • If you need to kill them, they are technically human Alien-Controlled Zombies • Hard to spot • Blank stare • Emotionless • Will hide the back of their neck • Killed by destroying the mother

  8. Zombies you didn’t see coming Animal Zombies • Excessive drooling or foaming • Aggressive behavior • Missing or injured limbs • No pupils • Fire is the only across the board killer Apathy Zombie • Moans • Pale • Acne • Eyes half open • Comfortable position • Dislike sunlight, fresh air, and exercise • Best killed or frightened by work or power failure

  9. Zombie Eating Habits • Brains are not zombies only food, just the favorite by far! • Brains also help keep the zombie body from breaking down. • Any brain matter will do but fresh or recently dead is best. • When faced with extreme hunger zombies will resort to eating themselves. • Zombies lack the “full” neurological trigger. • Given unlimited food, a zombie would eat until it literally burst!

  10. Ten Zombie Facts • Not all zombies are slow. • Many zombies do not require brains to “live.” • Zombies cannot function in freezing temperatures. • The best way to kill a zombie is with a gunshot to the head. 5. Zombies see dead people. • Some zombies retain their ability to speak. • Zombies hate stairs. • The government is secretly working to create a zombie army. • The zombies are coming to get you.

  11. Zombie Habitat • Overcrowding is not viewed as a problem in the zombie world. • Dark, shadowy areas, like subways or alleys, are the preferred living areas for zombies. • Though they make temporary homes, they rarely stay in one place for too long. • Zombies are nomadic by nature, due to their rapid feeding rate, and fear of the cold. • Proper hygiene is not important in zombie society.

  12. Escaping Zombies • Done walk. Run. You don’t want to buy into the myth that zombies are slow moving creatures just to be proven wrong. • Establish yourself on middle ground. Do not hole up in a high rise or subway tunnel, where you would be cutting yourself off from the necessities of life. • Cold is your friend! Go to it! • I you find yourself trapped in a high rise don’t use the elevator. • Find shelter that provides the essentials-food, water, weapons, and medical supplies. One of the best places to go is the local convenience store. • Trust no one. Some zombies may look humanlike, they are not.

  13. Zombie Weaknesses • Head Trauma - severe head trauma or a severed head is the easiest way to take down most zombies. • Bullet Wounds - well placed bullets taken to the joint will render zombie limbs useless. • Crushing - dropping a large bolder or any other large item on a zombie may not kill it but it will stop the rampage. • Severing Limbs - cutting off a limb is just as good as shooting it and twice as easy!

  14. Planning Your Attack • Gather information • Send out recon teams • Locate fuel, medical, food and water supplies • Choose your terrain • Pick a high vantage point • Know where you are • Plan your attack • Know how to kill the zombies in whatever area you find yourself • Make a Map! • Map should include: • Cover a 6-10 block radius • Designate escape rounds • Show areas where zombies have been seen • Show were traps and barricades can be or are set up • Designate lookout points • Show where the supplies are • Show directions zombies are traveling

  15. This Bulletin board was made by Katie Altmaier, a Community Advisor at Eastern Washington University Based on the book The Zombie Handbook by Rob Sacchetto and Andrea Sacchetto