conflict resolution n.
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Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

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  1. Conflict Resolution

  2. Post Rodney King riots


  4. Conflict is a disagreement between interdependent people; it is the perception of incompatible or mutually exclusive goals. Things we care about most deeply are likely to engage us in the greatest conflict

  5. Conflict is natural We can’t avoid it but we have a choice as to how we respond to it

  6. Think of the last time you had some conflict. How did you deal with it and how did it feel for you?

  7. Three important elements in any conflict

  8. Three important elements in any conflict People

  9. Three important elements in any conflict People Problems

  10. Three important elements in any conflict People Problems Process

  11. People 1) what are they feeling and thinking 2) what their needs and perceptions are 3) what they believe and value

  12. Problem 1) what the issues between people are 2) what concrete concerns and differences will need to be resolved 3) what issues are primary and which tangential

  13. Process 1) what has been occurring and how have decisions been made to date 2) who is making the decisions and who is left out 3) how have things been communicated or not 4) how can the process best proceed to ensure safe participation of all

  14. Conflict transformation requires more than the commitment of individuals to seek peace with each other. It requires groups who respect other groups and are willing to adjust their rules, patterns and organisations to make space for others.

  15. Speaking – Clear and truthful speech reflects respect for both oneself and the other. Dialogical communication is neither giving in to nor dominating the other. Dialogical communication is bearing witness to the truth as I understand it, listening to the truth as the other understands it and together seeking a common truth.

  16. Just because you have silenced me does not mean you have changed my mind.

  17. The mediator should not be responsible for the outcome. People take responsibility for agreeing or not.

  18. Tension and how we handle it

  19. Tension • Low tension - In each situation ask yourself if the issue or relationship is important to you. If the answer is No then ignore it e.g. road rage • Medium tension – communication may be difficult (winning, proven correct, preserving face and reputation) – may need informal mediation. Couple counselling – focus on communication not content. • High tension – formal mediation

  20. The toughest part of conflict transformation is transforming myself.

  21. People in a destructive conflict • Rigid, inflexible, insistent • Protect self and hurt the other • Increased fear, anxiety and insecurity • Fight or flight pattern • Demeaning verbal and non verbal communication • Competitive and destructive marked by domination and subordination patterns

  22. People in constructive conflict • Change, adjust and compromise • Intent to learn instead of protect • Presence of empathy • Primarily co-operative • Increased motivation for a positive connection with others

  23. How can you change people from a destructive process to a constructive one? Discuss

  24. Problem Solving • Collaboration • Compromise • Forcing accommodation and • Avoidance How we decide can be more important than what we decide. There is more than one way to do it

  25. Steps to conflict problem solving • Make time • Allow each person to talk and make sure everyone is listening • Identify the issues creating tension • Work together one issue at a time • Identify options and choose the best • Be committed to work together and have respect for each other and yourself.

  26. What about conflict between GP trainers and deanery or trainers and their registrars? • BMA? • RCGP? • PCT? • Community Health? • Southmead? • Deanery? Who can help facilitate conflict resolution locally?

  27. Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in.