conflict resolution n.
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Conflict Resolution PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

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  1. Conflict Resolution By Ken Brodzinski

  2. What is Conflict Resolution? The process of ending a conflict by cooperating and problem solving together

  3. Conflict Resolution can be easy if you just remember the 3-Cs & 3-Rs

  4. Th 3-Cs of Conflict Resolution are- Commitment Cooperation Compromise

  5. Commitment: Promising Peace Use non-violent conflict resolution skills.

  6. Cooperation: Side by Side Work together for common benefit.

  7. Compromise: Bending and Mending Each person gives up something and gets something

  8. The 3-Rs of Conflict Resolution are - Respect Rights Responsibility

  9. The 3Rs of Conflict Resolution Respect Show respect and you will receive respect.

  10. The 3Rs of Conflict Resolution Rights You have basic rights . They should not infringe on the rights of others.

  11. The 3Rs of Conflict Resolution Responsibility Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t just blame the other guy.

  12. Now let’s use your and your journal.

  13. Apply commitment, cooperation, compromise, respect, rights and responsibility to the following situation.

  14. A fellow student is never prepared. He is constantly borrowing paper or pencils, or wants to copy your homework.

  15. How would you apply Commitment ? Promise yourself that you will not get upset or use violence.

  16. How would you apply Compromise ? Set a deadline. After this date the other student will have to do his own work.

  17. How would you apply Cooperation ? Maybe the other person doesn’t understand how to do the work . You could work together.

  18. How would you apply respect to this situation?

  19. How would you apply rights to this situation?

  20. How would you apply responsibility to this situation?

  21. TEACHER PAGE OBJECTIVES: 1.To familiarize the students with the types of Alcohol and their effects on the body. 2.To present the student with statistics concerning alcohol. ACTIVITY: 1. The students will be required to use their journals. 2. Students will be asked to apply basic math and problem- solving skills to eleven problems. PROCESS: 1.The teacher will click through the slides. 2. Each slide is self explanatory and answers are provided. 3. The teacher should preview the lesson prior to presentation.