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Orientation to ISIS-SWIS PowerPoint Presentation
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Orientation to ISIS-SWIS

Orientation to ISIS-SWIS

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Orientation to ISIS-SWIS

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  1. Orientation to ISIS-SWIS Individual Student Information System – School-Wide Information System (ISIS-SWIS) University of Oregon PBIS Applications Training Team, February 2013

  2. Orientation to ISIS-SWIS Agenda: • Purpose of ISIS-SWIS • The Story: Introduction to the Demonstration School • Navigation • Module Activities • ISIS-SWIS Demo Account Exploration

  3. Orientation to ISIS-SWIS Goals: • Describe the purposes and functions of ISIS-SWIS • Provide guidance for navigation of the ISIS-SWIS demo • Define how ISIS-SWIS is used by administrators, coordinators, school teams, and ISIS-SWIS Facilitators

  4. Where does ISIS-SWIS fit? ISIS-SWIS is a decision system for students requiring more intensive and individualized supports for academic, social or mental health services. CICO-SWIS is a decision system for targeted or group-based interventions for students needing additional support beyond the Universal or Tier I system. The School-Wide Information System (SWIS) is a web-based decision system designed to help school personnel use office referral data to monitor progress of school-wide and individual student interventions.

  5. Purposes of ISIS-SWIS

  6. What is ISIS-SWIS? Individual Student Information System ISIS-SWIS is an application within the SWIS Suite designed to coordinate and monitor individualized student support. ISIS-SWIS allows teams to: Define, organize and communicate with team members Coordinate assessment, support plan development, and related documentation Define data collection measures Collect, summarize and report data on both fidelity of plan implementation and student outcomes Provide administrators and coordinators with summary information for decision-making.

  7. Who Uses ISIS-SWIS Teams Team Coordinators Facilitators/Coaches Administrators

  8. Who uses ISIS-SWIS? Individual Student Support Teams

  9. Individual Student Support Team • Individual Student Support Teams use ISIS-SWIS to collect and organize: • Team members • Documents • Fidelity data • Outcome data Individual Student Support Team C

  10. Coordinator of Student Teams Student Student Student C Individual Student Support Team Individual Student Support Team Individual Student Support Team Coordinator C C C

  11. Purpose: • A) Develop fidelity and outcome measures • B) Collect data • C) Display data for decision-making • Purpose: Define team. Monitor and communicate with Individual Student Team members • Purpose: Manage assessment information, Individualized plan (and plan changes), Team meeting minutes, Other documents as needed

  12. Purpose: Define current status of individual student supports.

  13. Who uses ISIS-SWIS? School-Wide Tier III Support Teams

  14. School-Wide Tier III Support Team General Educator Administrator District Coach ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Teacher Aide C C C Counselor Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator Specialist District Coach Custodial Staff School-Wide Tier III Support Team

  15. Access defined through SAMI by ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Access defined through ISIS-SWIS by Student Team Coordinator

  16. ISIS-SWIS Readiness Requirements

  17. Who to Include In Readiness Discussion Administrator Coordinators/Case Managers Tier III Team Leader/Coach The readiness process and Swift at ISIS-SWIS training will run more smoothly if all of these roles are included from the start.

  18. Nine Readiness Requirements The nine readiness requirements are divided into four feature areas. Implementation Capacity Coordination Capacity Individual Student Support Practices ISIS-SWIS Data Use

  19. Welcome to Demonstration School An ISIS-SWIS Facilitator’s Journey

  20. ISIS-SWIS Facilitation – 8-Step School Set-up Process Complete Readiness Tasks. Submit License Agreement and School Information Form. Set Up for Swift at ISIS-SWIS Training. Conduct Swift at ISIS-SWIS Training. Provide Follow-up Support. Maintenance. Annual ISIS-SWIS Facilitator Boosters. ISIS-SWIS License Renewal Process.

  21. The School The SWIS Demo School in the Demo District currently serves 500 students in grades PreK-8th. They implemented SWIS 2 years ago and added CICO-SWIS at the beginning of last school year. They saw the ISIS-SWIS video at, and they want it!

  22. Tier III Support Team The school-wide Individualized Positive Behavior Support (IPBS) team needs a better way to monitor implementation fidelity and student progress. The IPBS team consists of a team leader, administrator, 2 special educators, the school counselor, a teaching assistant, and a general educator. The team supports 10 students on average.

  23. ISIS-SWIS Readiness Checklist Individual Student Intervention System School:SWIS Demo SchoolISIS-SWIS Facilitator: Clark Kent Date: Today

  24. Readiness Tasks 2 & 5 School-wide Tier III System Documentation

  25. Readiness Tasks 2 & 5 School-wide Tier III System Documentation continued…

  26. Readiness Tasks 2 & 5 School-wide Tier III System Documentation continued…

  27. Readiness Tasks 2 & 5 School-wide Tier III System Documentation continued…

  28. ISIS Facilitatorasks Nana Bean to complete and sign page 6 of the license agreement to certify that the school agrees to the license and readiness requirements. Nana Bean Today

  29. Forms to submit Nana Bean Today

  30. Students Carly Johnson Carly is in fourth grade. She enjoys music and being with friends and family. Carly has an IEP with academic and self-care goals. Most of Carly’s instruction is provided in a special education classroom, but she spends part of each day in a general education setting. Brian Bender Brian is a creative and thoughtful eighth grader with a history of academic and behavioral problems in the classroom.

  31. Brian’s Individual Support Team • Patty Bender (Parent) • Joe Binder (CICO-SWIS Advisor) • Kathy Holland (Math Teacher) • Stuart Rice (Reading Group) • Frank Stevenson (Science Teacher) Margie Rose (Special Education Teacher, Coordinator)

  32. Carly’s Individual Support Team • Carl Johnson (Parent) • Janice Bowman (Fourth Grade Teacher) • Bert Bobbsey (Morning Aide) • Amy Arnolds (Afternoon Aide) April Stone (Special Education Teacher, Coordinator)

  33. ISIS-SWIS Navigation