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The British Isles PowerPoint Presentation
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The British Isles

The British Isles

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The British Isles

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  1. The British Isles The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales

  2. Objectives • On a blank map of Europe, identify the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. • On a blank map of Europe, identify the North Sea and the English Channel. • Explain the difference between the United Kingdom and Great Britain. • Tell what is happening to Gaelic Languages. • Describe the physical geography of the different countries of the British Isles. • Compare the population density in different parts of the British Isles. • Identify what the Euro is. Explain the United Kingdom’s choice whether or not to use it.

  3. Terms and Places Gaelic is the disappearing language of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The Pound is the currency of Great Britain. A moor is a wasteland of bushes and weeds. Great Britain is an island, not a nation. The United Kingdom a is a nation, not an island. London is the largest city in Europe.

  4. The British Isles are in the northwest of Europe. On their east is the North Sea. On their west is the Atlantic Ocean. They are separated from the continent of Europe by the English Channel.

  5. Shetland Islands The British Isles Orkney Islands Two great islands exist in this region: The Hebrides …as well as many smaller ones. Great Britain Ireland Isle of Man Isle of Wight The Channel Islands

  6. The British Isles Two nations also exist in this region: The United Kingdom Although some people use the word “Ireland” to refer to either the island or the nation, the nation should properly be called “The Republic of Ireland.” Republic of Ireland

  7. The British Isles Here’s where it gets a little complicated. Scotland The United Kingdom The United Kingdom was once three different kingdoms, and people still use the names of the old countries: Republic of Ireland Wales England

  8. Scotland Scotland

  9. The Highlands and Islands are a rocky and mountainous. The greatest of these is Loch Ness. The Highlands and Islands are not good for farming. They are covered with moors, a weedy wasteland. The mountains are cut through with deep, narrow lakes called lochs The Highlands and Islands speak Gaelic. This language is very different from English. Scotland is divided into two parts.

  10. Edinburgh Glasgow Although the Lowlands are smaller in area, most of the population lives here. They speak a dialect of English called Scots English. Scotland is divided into two parts.

  11. A good part of Scotland’s economy depends on the sea. There is fishing and oil in the North Sea.

  12. In ancient days, Scots were organized into clans. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. It is made from innards and oatmeal cooked in a sheep’s stomach. Scots also eat fish, such as salmon, and their Angus beef. Each clan had its own tartan, or pattern of plaid. Scotland is the home of the bagpipe and of golf.

  13. Not only do the Highland Scots speak Gaelic, but varieties of Gaelic are also spoken in Ireland and Wales. Scotland Mostly, the older people speak it. The language is dying out. Ireland Wales

  14. The Celtic People in the British Isles are the source of most of the world’s redheads.

  15. Republic of Ireland Ireland is a mostly green land with low hills. Republic of Ireland

  16. What is the source of the Irish economy? The graph above is called an exploded pie graph. The map above shows the number of adults employed in agriculture.

  17. The population of Ireland is highest in the east, nearest England. Population of Britain England, having such a large population, is their greatest trading partner. The few people that still speak Gaelic are in the west. Hypothesize why these three statements are connected.

  18. England England is the center of the United Kingdom’s economy, one of the most powerful in western Europe. London is the largest city in Europe. Scotland London Bridge A London Pub Ireland Big Ben Wales England London Parliament

  19. For centuries, each country in Europe had its own currency. England called its currency “The Pound.” Some Europeans thought they should all use the same currency. They invented “The Euro.” The United Kingdom didn’t trust the plan. They kept their own currency, the Pound. Many western European countries rushed into the plan, got rid of their own currency, and began using the Euro.

  20. The population of England is concentrated around London and in the Midlands, with cities like Manchester and Leeds. North Country Midlands Greater London Cornwall Even the less populated areas, such as Cornwall and the north, are more densely populated than Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. This is a land-use map. Compare it to the population map.

  21. Eel pie Bangers and Mash Fish and chips pork pie

  22. Physical Geography Which color is the line encircling the British Isles?

  23. Physical Geography Scandinavia The North Sea English Channel France What separates the British Isles from France, to the south? What separates the British Isles from Scandinavia, to the east? The Atlantic Ocean The Atlantic Ocean English Channel English Channel The North Sea The North Sea The Mediterranean The Mediterranean

  24. Which describes the physical geography of the Scottish highlands? Which describes the physical geography of the Republic of Ireland? mountains and moors mountains and moors Low green hills suitable for agriculture Low green hills suitable for agriculture Cool, northern rainforests Cool, northern rainforests Thick, pine forests in deep valleys Thick, pine forests in deep valleys

  25. Which terms refer to nations and which terms refer to an island? An Island A Nation Republic of Ireland Ireland Great Britain The United Kingdom

  26. Population Density Scotland Where is the bulk of the population in the Republic of Ireland? In the west, where Gaelic speakers live In the east, near their trading partner England In the north, near Scotland’s Hebrides Isles In the south, near the Arctic Ocean Republic of Ireland Wales Which country has the highest population by far? England Wales England Republic of Ireland Scotland What is the name of the largest city in Europe? London

  27. Gaelic What is Gaelic? What is the problem with Gaelic? Gaelic is a language. The Gaelic language is disappearing; fewer and fewer people speak it with each generation. What color is the map which most correctly shows where speakers of Gaelic Languages live?

  28. Economy What is the United Kingdom’s relationship with the EU? What is the name of the currency of the United Kingdom? The Euro The UK is not a member. The Pound The UK is a member but does not use the Euro. The British Dollar The Franc The UK is a member and uses the Euro. What is the source of Scotland’s economy? What is the basis for the economy of the Republic of Ireland? Manufacture of high tech equipment Manufacture Farming from the fertile moors Agriculture Fishing and oil from the North Sea Fishing Making clothing in sweatshops Oil

  29. Please read “The United Kingdom.” World Studies: Europe and Russia. Pearson-Prentice-Hall, 2005. pgs. 122 -129. About 4½ - 5 pages

  30. What’s the difference between a parliament and a congress? I think I'll change parties…. We’ve lost confidence in you. Once elected, he or she can do what they want. That party can put in whatever person they want. If things go badly, they can change their minds. People elect a person People elect a party With a congress With a parliament