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Extra Credit

Extra Credit

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Extra Credit

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  1. Extra Credit • Go to • In the top right corner, click “Sign Up” • Now, fill out the registration form. Make sure to use your real first and last name, as well as a valid email address (in case you need to come back to the lesson) • You do not need to include an instructors email (i.e. my email) • Once you fill out the form, click submit • Go back to the home page ( and click “Sign In” using your username/email and password

  2. Extra Credit • AFTER logging into the account, you should see “Hi, [first name]! at the top right. If so, continue to the module entitled Space Weather Basics, 2nd Edition at this link: •

  3. Extra Credit • You should see a similar screen as shown here:

  4. Extra Credit • Next, click “Begin Module” • Now, you will be brought to another screen • Click “Begin” to start the module

  5. Extra Credit • Carefully read through each page of information, then click “next” to continue on to the next page

  6. Extra Credit • Some pages have animations. I recommend watching them which will help with grasping some of the concepts • Also, there are review questions throughout the module…I suggest completing them and making sure you do well before moving on • Once you are done, you will reach the “summary page” and cannot click “next” any longer

  7. Extra Credit • What you need to do next is click the “Quiz” link on the left side of the module • This will take you to the module quiz which will act as your proof of extra credit

  8. Extra Credit • After clicking on the “Quiz” link, you will be brought to the “Quiz Instructions” page • Read the instructions, then click “Begin the quiz >” • Another page may open and is the “Disclaimer” for the module. Read this, then click “Continue to the quiz” • You will now be brought to the quiz. Please answer all of the questions as best as you can. Once you’re done, you will see your score (SAVE THIS PAGE…see next slide) • The number of extra credit points you will receive can be found by dividing the score you received by 10 • So if you get an 88 on the quiz, 88/10= 8.8

  9. Extra Credit VERY IMPORTANT!!! • To receive extra credit you need to do two things: • Print out the first page of your scoresheetcalled “Space Weather Basics, 2nd Edition.” This page needs to be printed while you are in Firefox or Explorer…I need to see the score percentage, as well as with a date and time stamp (printer does this automatically if you print from within the browser). The following is an example similar to the page I will be looking for:

  10. Extra Credit

  11. Extra Credit • Number 2: You also need to print out a copy of the Certificate of Completion that has your name and course listed. Print this out and attach it to your results page that has your score:

  12. Extra Credit • So, to earn extra credit, you must submit both the score sheet which lists your score in %, and the certificate of completion • I cannot award you extra credit if you fail to turn in just one of these….I NEED THEM BOTH! • Again, extra credit is due by April 13th at 5:00pm in my office or mailbox in CL 425.