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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

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  1. Teen Pregnancy • Shawnee Mccombs • Nicole Africano • Jameshia Groce

  2. Teen Pregnancy Statistics • The U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world – twice as high as in England or Canada. • 2006 saw the first rise in the U.S. teen pregnancy rate in 15 years. • An estimated 750,000 teens will become pregnant this year. • 75% of girls and over half of boys report that girls who have sex do so because their boyfriends want them to. • 8 in 10 girls and 6 in 10 boys say they wish they had waited until they were older to have sex. • Most teens (6 in 10) and adults (3 in 4) believe that teen boys often receive the message that they are “expected to have sex.” • Diapers are expensive, but it's nothing compared to the $9 billion that teen pregnancy costs the United States each year. This includes increased spending in child welfare costs and public sector health care.

  3. Facts About Teen Pregnancy The United States is more advance by the rate of births that deal with Teen Pregnancy 3/4th of a Million teenagers between the age group of 15-19 becomes pregnant every year. Those who think that it’s a good idea in general for a teen pregnancy to end in an adoption often consider the fact that such a young mother may not be emotionally and psychologically ready to give her baby the care it needs. Rank   CountriesAmount # 1   United States: 494,357 births  # 2   Poland: 30,413 births  # 3   Germany: 29,000 births  # 4   Canada: 19,920 births  # 5   France: 17,985 births  # 6   Japan: 17,501 births  # 7   Australia: 11,849 births  # 8   Spain: 11,264 births  # 9   Italy: 11,153 births  # 10   Hungary: 9,175 births  # 11   Portugal: 7,403 births  # 12   Slovakia: 6,044 births  # 13   Czech Republic: 6,035 births  # 14   Greece: 4,183 births  # 15   New Zealand: 3,924 births  # 16   Austria: 3,275 births  # 17   Ireland: 3,138 births  # 18   Belgium: 2,975 births  # 19   Netherlands: 2,823 births  # 20   Norway: 1,607 births  # 21   Sweden: 1,605 births  # 22   Finland: 1,485 births  # 23   Denmark: 1,161 births  # 24   Switzerland: 1,092 births  # 25   Iceland: 264 births  # 26   Luxembourg: 111 births

  4. Consequences of Teen Pregnancy Some risks that you take when your pregnant young(15-19) is that: • Your baby maybe born with several birth defects, • It maybe premature, • You could have a miscarriage, • The daddy’s father will not claim the child because of what they hear and what people believe. • In the United States, the annual cost of teen pregnancies from lost tax revenues, public assistance, child health care, foster care, and involvement with the criminal justice system is estimated to be about $7 billion.Sources:Teen Pregnancy, Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy - Teen Pregnancy - Women's Health Channelhttp://www.womenshealthchannel.com/teen-pregnancy/index.shtml#consequences#ixzz1JzyjWbz7

  5. What do you think ???? What is my next step? Pregnancy can’t happen to me. I’m to young for a baby. Why is this happening to me? How am I going tell my parents.

  6. Teen Pregnancy Thoughts….. I’m so In Love…. Soul Mates….. We’ll be together forever…. We’ll be perfect….. Is he going to be here for me….

  7. Teen Pregnancy Stories…. • My name is Tia, and I am 14 and 25 weeks pregnant. I was only with my boyfriend Brian, who is 15, for 2 weeks when we started having sex, we never used a condom, he pulled out for a little bit but we just stopped, we were convinced there was no way I could get pregnant. But after we were sexually active for a couple months we found out I was six weeks pregnant . I told my mom first, she was very understanding and told me she would help me, I was happy that she was so understanding. When Brian told his parents, they refused to let him see me and his mom kept pushing him to ask me to get an abortion, but we both knew that wasn't going to happen. His mother was convinced we were ruining our lives and still wouldn't let him see me I was devastated. His mother moved out of his house a week after I found out I was having the baby. When I was 15 weeks pregnant Brian's father aloud me to see him again, but I had to go to his house and only on weekends after supper, it still stucked, but I was happy that I was able to see him again and that his father let him come to the next ultrasound with me, when we found out we were having a baby girl. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and nothing has changed about me and Brian seeing each other which is hard but we are still going strong. I am impatiently waiting the arrival of Amber Jennifer. She will be here July 30th, and even though things get hard every time I feel her kick me and move around in my belly it gives me strength to hang on . Tia

  8. Continued Stories… • I Got Pregnant When I Was 17 and had my son when i was 17 . I am 18 Now and today is my birthday. My Son will be 4 months tomorrow. I am so happy that I’m a mother. My son's father does nothing to help me because he’s worried about keeping his girl friend. but when she’s not around he wants to play daddy role and I don’t have time for that. So I just keep my distance cause at the end of the day he’s the one that’s going to be missing out not me. My son will know exactly who his mommy is. I've graduated school early so now I’m just waiting for September to come so that I could be enrolled in college. I’m going to attend city tech college because they have both of my majors and they also have child care so my son will be able to come with me to school and i work at a day care so he will be able to come with me to work. I mean some mothers out there have it hard and I encouraged them to strive and never give up. because as soon as u give up you show your child that you are a failure and you don’t want that to happen because then they can become one too and we want to stop this cycle of teen dropouts in school. I love being a single teen mom. cherish it girls !!!

  9. Can You Take CARE of or AFFORD a CHILD????....

  10. Pictures of Teens that are Pregnancy……

  11. Every year you give up a lot of or lose or feel….

  12. Studies….. • Most teen mom end up being mom and dad to their babies. The reason that is, is because the father’s are in denial and are not responsible and make up excuses. • Most teen moms are made get an abortion by there parents. This is another reason some boys stop talking to some girlsand because they become pregnant.

  13. Teen pregnancy Chart teen pregnancy chart - Google Search

  14. Abortion Chart…. abortion chart - Google Search

  15. Abortion Stories…..From Pregnant Teens…. TEEN’S ABORTION FORCED BY MOM’S WORDS 20.04.2011  I am 18 now. My ex and I were having unprotected sex all summer of 2010. I found out I was pregnant 3 days after school started. He dumped me on our 5th month and the day I found out how far along I was. I told my mom made me choose to live with her or leave. She called me a slut, stupid, and a bitch. My dad wanted me to keep the baby, but on the 26th of Sept. I had an abortion. Before they started I was crying, and I kept mouthing, “Stop, stop, stop” before it, but the words wouldn’t come out. I hate myself more each day. My mother is pregnant now, and she said her baby’s life is worth it and my baby was trash. I tryed to kill myself back in October/November. I live with my dad, and I have no interest in having sex or guys or girls. I have like no life left. I wish I could take it all back. I would have had my baby by now. My dad bought me a puppy to focus all my mommy love on, but it’s not the same. If you are thinking of having an abortion I suggest you wait and don’t listen to others. I was forced by my mom, and I will never forget her calling me a bitch, or a slut, or saying my baby wasn’t worth life.

  16. Pregnancy Resource Center Websites…… • Stories on Teenage Pregnancy: free stories by pregnant moms • Recap • Teen Pregnancy • http:/ • /www.teenpregnancyhelp.net/ • Teen Abortion Issues | Abortion Stories from Teens | Stories By teens for teens