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Teen Pregnancy PowerPoint Presentation
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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy

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  1. Teen Pregnancy The increase in teenage pregnancy is due to inadequate sexual education available for adolescents, peer pressure, alcohol or drugs and the environmental factors grown up in. Having knowledge about sex and its causes and effects may prevent teenagers on jeopardizing their life. Yareli Yerena Ochoa - 3rd pd.

  2. Statistics • The U.S. has a higher teenage pregnancy rate than other countries by a long shot. • Nearly 1 million teenage girls get pregnant each year. About 4 out of 10 young women get pregnant at least once before the age of 20. • Since 1991, the teen birth rate has declined only 22.4 % Even though the birth rates are declining throughout the years , the numbers are still too high. It is better to stand your ground than become a statistic.

  3. Causes • Lack of knowledge • Being uneducated about sex is a major factor that contributes to early motherhood. • Poor education from parents and from school about the topic can result in misconceptions. • Not knowing enough about sex and its causes may lead to unintended pregnancy. • Adults sometimes tend to avoid "the talk" with young people because it is awkward or uncomfortable for both of them. • Teenagers may get the incorrect information from their friends, videos, sitcoms or movies. • It is in the hands of the adults to educate young people on the ramifications of sex, protection, pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases.

  4. Peer pressure and society • Peer pressure and society has a huge effect on the decision to have sex. • Many teenagers want to feel accepted. They seek recognition from others. • Most feel the need to have sex to impress their friends, therefore they often feel the pressure to lose their virginity. • They may feel pressured by their partner in a relationship. They feel the need to satisfy them as a "prove of their love". • Girls tend to seek for love and attention, but often interpret something different and end up fulfilling the search with the wrong concept. • Teens are influenced by seeing their peers that had or are having children because it seems as if it is now more acceptable. It has become a "trend". • Losing your virginity is now interpreted as something common within teenagers. • Curious minds have wonders.

  5. Alcohol / Drugs • Drinking or the use of drugs can cause unwanted pregnancy. • Although many don't seek to experiment while being under the influence of drugs, they don't have the control of their body which can lead to unwanted sex. • Not being conscience of what they're doing, the inability of making the right decisions and being powerless over your own body may result in severe consequences and regret. • If you can't handle your own body what makes you think others will respect it while being in poor conditions of protecting yourself?

  6. Environmental factors The place and people who we grow up with have an impact on what becomes of us. • Sexual abuse • Many teenage girls are exposed to extremely violent experiences at a young age. • Experiences of sexual abuse can affect their life's both mentally and emotionally. • Many teenage girls are abused at the hands of those who should be responsible to nurture and protect them. • Their first sexual experience may not have happened as they wished or by the person they wanted to experience it with. • They will see their body as a belonging of somebody else rather than their own and will show no respect over it. • Absent parents • A teenager with limited or no guidance from their parents can result in them making the wrong choices. • Many parents have busy lives and provide little attention to their children which emphasizes that they will most likely do poor on making good decisions or will do things to grab their attention. • A teenager may feel like he/she can't talk to his/her parents about sex because they don't have the time or forbid talking about it.

  7. Risks • Health risks • As a young women , the body of the mother hasn't completly developed • therefore complications may ocurr. • Mother • A young mother tends to have both emotional and physical problems. • Girls tend to suffer from depression , shame , guilt and stress. • Being undernourished can lead to suffering premature or prolong labor. • The death rate from pregnancy complications is dramatically higher for teenage girls. • Baby • 9% of teen moms have babies with low weight. • Low birth-weight babies may be born with organs that are not fully devoloped. They are more likely to die within their first month or at a young age. • Having undeveloped immune systems causes difficulty in controlling body temperature and blood sugar levels. • They are exposed to mental retardation , brain damage , and injury at birth.

  8. Pregnancy and birth can interfere with finishing high school or can lead to sacrificing education. The future of both the parents and the child can be affected. • Education &Financial problems • Lower educational level. • Teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of school. Only about 1/3 obtain a high school diploma. • A reduced earing potential in teenage fathers is more likely to occur. • Jobs have high expectations , therefore sacrificing education may result in financial problems. A baby costs a lot. Consequences Young parents are obligated to grow over night and show responsibility. Raising a child isn't an easy task.

  9. How to avoid pregnancy • Teenage pregnancy can change your life drastically , but it can be avoided. • If you don't want to risk it , simply don't have sex especially at a young age. • Learn to say no. • Don't give in to peer pressure. • Inform yourself of what will and won't get you or someone pregnant. • Understand the effectiveness of birth control. • Use protection. • If the person you will be in contact with doesn't bother with using protection , reject him/her and be lucky If the person you will be in contact with doesn't bother with using protection.

  10. Preventions/ Protection While being sexually active you will need to take several precautions and use protection not only to prevent pregnancy , but also sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control - The hormones released keep the eggs from leaving the ovaries , therefore preventing the sperm to be in contact with the eggs. Condom - Barrier device commonly used during sexual intercourse that blocks ejaculated semen from entering the body of the sexual partner. • Pill • Patch • Spong • Condom • Shot • Ring • Cervical cap

  11. Enjoy life ! Don't rush things ! You will miss out on a lot ! Be a kid. Don't have one ! Getting pregnant won't make him stay ! Don't become a statistic ! Babies are nothing like your dolls. Don't ruin your childhood ! A children having a children ? You will be forced to grow up ! Wait for the right person and the right time !

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